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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all bridge games and classes have been canceled indefinitely.  Watch this space and your email for more info as it becomes available.

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Brevard Duplicate Bridge Advisory Board

Linda Burrell
Newt Colston
Pam Harpootlian
Joan Neeman
Andy Stratton

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Brevard Duplicate General Information

Brevard Duplicate is a small, friendly club formed in March 2015, now in our third year.  Our club is located in Brevard, North Carolina--home of the white squirrel. Yes, you can sometimes see white squirrels in the parking lot.  Generally we host 6 to 8 tables and 10 to 12 in the summer months.  Brevard Duplicate holds its sessions in the French Broad Community Center at 281 E. French Broad Street.  This center belongs to the City of Brevard.  Parking at the Center is limited, so come early for the best spots.  There are coffee and snacks at the games.  Although small, the club welcomes all newcomers.  

BBO Resources

Click here for Steve Devico's BBO tutorial

Click here for more BBO tutorials.

Click here to add your name and BBO username to the Brevard Duplicate BBO list.

General Bridge Base Online V2 Help Page:

Bridge Base Online Help


If you wnat to play with robots, you'll need to understand how they work.  See the links below.


If you play in tournaments (or with other people, for that matter), you should be aware of two things.

You need to post a convention card for tournaments.
You can find the convention cards in your Accounts tab (on the far right hand side of the page, below Messages and History. 

  1. Click on the Account tab, and then on Convention Cards. 
  2. To create a new convention card, click on New ACBL Convention Card.  Fill it out as you would any other card.  Note that you can show the symbol for a suit by typing an "!" before the first letter of the suit.  So, !h will show up as the heart symbol on the actual card.
  3. You can specify your partner for this card and also give it a name (at the top of the card).
  4. Be sure to save your changes.

If you register for a tournament with a partner where you have already filled out a card, that card will automatically be loaded for you for that tournament.

You need to alert your own bids. 
This is completely the opposite of how alerting is done in person.  The reason for it is the lag inherent in playing online. By the time your partner's alert comes through, the eopponents may have already bid.  BBO solves this by having everyone alert their own bids.  Only the opponents see the alert - your partner doesn't.  See below for a really nice video about how the self-alert system in BBO works.

BBO Tutorials from the Berwick Bridge Club

Bidding and Alerting on BBO

Undoing a Misclick and Some Partnership Bidding