Brevard Bridge Club
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The FBCC is closed this week as the city is replacing the roof.  There will be no bridge or classes April 16 - 19.

Come and join us next week!

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Register as a Member
  REQUIREMENTS   1) the name and email address of the person wishing to register must be entered into the club's membership list by the club's webmaster (June Patton at and 2) that person must complete his/her registration by logging in and setting his/her password.
   FIRST STEP: contact June ( to make sure you and your correct email address are being used in Brevard Duplicate's Membership List.  
  SECOND STEP  Log into  The Home Page opens.  On the left side is a menu.  Click on Members Only, and you will see next  a page with a Members' Login box.  You will see instructions listed on the right for 1) first-time and 2) password reset visits.  Try these steps.
 FURTHER HELP   If difficulty, here is the Bridgewebs' link to their instructions for registering.
  NOTE  Some have indicated difficulty when trying to register as a member on our club's website in that they are being asked to enter a Registration Code. There is no such code. I have received information from Bridgewebs regarding this issue. They agree that no such code is required.
♥ ♥ STILL CAN'T REGISTER? ♥ ♥ Email June your best phone number.  She'll contact you and walk you through the process.