Brevard Duplicate Bridge
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Come and join us at the French Broad Community Center and on BBO!

Brevard Duplicate General Information

Brevard Duplicate is a small, friendly club formed in March 2015.  Our club is located in Brevard, North Carolina--home of the white squirrel. Yes, you can sometimes see white squirrels in the parking lot.  Generally we host 6 to 8 tables and 10 to 12 in the summer months.  Brevard Duplicate holds its sessions in the French Broad Community Center at 281 E. French Broad Street.  This center belongs to the City of Brevard.  Parking at the Center is limited, so come early for the best spots.  There are coffee and snacks at the games.  Although small, the club welcomes all newcomers.  

Advisory Board Minutes from September 28 Meeting
Minutes of meeting held 9/28 2017 at the French Broad Community Center  
Members Present:  Andy Stratton, Pam Harpootlian, Linda Burrell, Joan Neemann and Jan Graham  
Members absent:  None  
Standing Business  
Minutes of the August '17 meeting Reviewed and approved as ammended  
Treasurer's report August '17 financial tranasactions presented  By Linda Burrell   
and accepted by the group      
Old Business  
Bridge class feedback Students preferred Tucker to A. Grant.  Commented on Received as information  
need to start and end on time, recommend 2.5 hour  
class duration.  
Mailing list Jan spent a lot of time on refining to 2 lists: players Received as information  
who've played duplicate with us & OK with getting   
 our emails and everyone else.  Will put a "Let us    
know if you don't want our emails" statement in  
all emails we send out  
Google list, which works similar to Excel    
Suggestion box Items have been addressed by emails from Pam Received as information  
Brevard Duplicate Bridge Club Advisory Group page 2  
New Business  
Tuesday players (that play without Pam suggested that their fees be reduced from $5 to $3. Carried.  
bidding boxes or director)      
Class feedback forms Wait until the end of the series to distribute  
Holidays Thanksgiving:  will take whole week off; announce and     
send emails  
Christmas party will be 12/14; covered dish without  
club providing meat this time.    
Whether to play 12/21&28 will be deferred to players.  
New location Have explored Brevard Davidson River: would need to   
buy tables and chairs.  And the Presbyterian church:  
no storage, can't leave tables up.  Haven't looked into  
Church of Latter Day Saints yet.  
Meeting adjourned at 1217  
Next meeting will be 10/26, starting at 1130  
Respectfully submitted.  
Joan Neemann