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Brevard Duplicate General Information

Brevard Duplicate is a small, friendly club formed in March 2015, now in our third year.  Our club is located in Brevard, North Carolina--home of the white squirrel. Yes, you can sometimes see white squirrels in the parking lot.  Generally we host 6 to 8 tables and 10 to 12 in the summer months.  Brevard Duplicate holds its sessions in the French Broad Community Center at 281 E. French Broad Street.  This center belongs to the City of Brevard.  Parking at the Center is limited, so come early for the best spots.  There are coffee and snacks at the games.  Although small, the club welcomes all newcomers.  

New Classes at Brevard Duplicate Bridge

All classes will be held at the French Broad Community Center at 281 East French Broad Street, Brevard, NC  28712

Use this form to register for all classes.

Email June Patton ( with any questions.

Play of the Hand

Date:  Tuesdays, 7/30/ 8/6, 8/13, 8/20, 8/27, and 9/3
Time:  10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Play of the Hand is about Declarer making a plan before playing the first card. There may be a very brief review of bidding and defense in each class, but the primary focus will be on Declarer play.

You will learn to:

  • Count winners and losers
  • Play the high card from the short side first
  • When to draw trumps 
  • How to promote high cards and to develop long suits
  • Which way to finesse
  • How to ruff losers in dummy and how to discard losers on long suits 
  • Watching out for entries in the dummy,
  • The hold up play
  • Watching out for the dangerous opponent
  • How to open a strong hand 
  • The rule of 11.  

We may review Jacoby transfers and Stayman conventions. 

Whew!  You will learn a whole bunch.

Who should take this class: Beginning and intermediate bridge players who have taken the Beginning Bridge class or have equivalent experience.

There will be a text used in the class.  Cost of the text will be $20.  For further information about the class, please contact the instructor Pam Harpootlian at 803-237-3816 or

2/1 Game Forcing 

Date:  Fridays 7/26, 8/2, 8/9, 8/23, 8/30, 9/6, 9/13,and 9/27
Time:  10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The class will cover the 2/1 game forcing bidding system.  This sytem is based on Standard American, but adds some tools to make it easier for partnerships to more accurately bid to the optimum contract. 

You will learn how to:

  • Determine how high to bid when holding various types of hands.
  • How to find the optimal strain (suit or notrump)
  • How to bid when the opponents interfere with your auction
  • And more!

Who should take this class: Beginning through advanced bridge players who are familiar with the Standard American bidding system..

For further information about the class, please contact the instructor June Patton at


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Duplicate and Casual Bridge Games at Brevard Duplicate Bridge

TUESDAYS AT 1:00 - Very Casual Bid, Play and Discuss Bridge Game 
A session of relaxed play and skill-learning/strengthening: Simply for fun.  Not an ACBL sanctioned event; no director; no Masterpoints awarded.  


A duplicate session open to players of all skill levels


A two-section duplicate game.  Section A is Open and Section B is limited to under 100 Masterpoints.

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Friday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Barry Hanchett
PAIRS; Stratified (0 - 200/Open)
Director: Pam Harpootlian
Friday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Joan Neemann
Fri Sep 13, 2019
French Broad Community Center 1:00
Fri Sep 13, 2019
PAIRS; Restricted (0 - 100)
French Broad Community Center 1:00
Tue Sep 17, 2019
Casual Bridge Game: Improve Your Skills
French Broad Community Center 1:00