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Wednesday start time 2p.m.

 be seated by 1.45 p.m

Friday start time 9.45 a.m.

be seated by 9.30 a.m.




Contact Mike Kaufmann 




For competition rules click on the Competitions tab above.


If you believe there is an error in the scores please notify the Director before the session finishes.


BRENTHAM BRIDGE CLUB (THE CLUB) Chairman’s Report – Year to 31/12/21

[1] What a traumatic period the Club has gone through. COVID caused the Club to be locked down from March 2020 to the 3rd September 2021.

[2] The Bridge Committee decided that reopening should initially be on Fridays only to assess demand. I am delighted to say that from September to December 2021 there were 15 sessions with an average attendance of 11 tables.

[3] Funds are heathy. 

[4] The Club Christmas party was held on Friday 17th December and was a great success. Many thanks to the excellent organisational skills of Peter and Lynne.

[5] No Cup competitions, ladders or Training sessions were run over this period.

[6] During the year we announced the passing away of Ken Butcher’s wife, Claude Simpson's husband and Cynthia Griffiths may they Rest In Peace.

[7] Thank You: The Monday Bridge Players (Abbey) Club who so generously donated tables, boards and cards, and a Duplimate Dealing machine to our Club. Marlene and Mike would like it known that there was £427 in the Monday Bridge Players account which has been donated to the Emergency Disasters Committee Ukraine Appeal. It should also be mention that the Brentham Bridge Club are also donating £250 to this Appeal. A Thank You must be given to those without whom the Club could not function namely: Webmaster / Duplimaters /Directors / Scorers / Table Money Collectors / All those brave souls who arrive regularly at the crack of dawn to set up the tables.

[8] English Bridge Union (EBU): The Committee feel that the pros for being outside the EBU significantly outweigh the cons. The pros for staying out of the EBU being:

[a] Brentham Bridge Club is £2k better off per year by retaining this portion of table money rather than passing it over to the EBU.

[b] The number of players who like to play at our "non-affiliated" Club is excellent. Averaging 11 tables per session. Even though we do not issue master points.

[9] The "relaxed" atmosphere on a Friday and now also on a Wednesday is wonderful. People really do enjoy being at our sessions. This reinforces the point that our Club is truly a welcoming and relaxed one.

Mike Kaufmann   Chairman