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Summer Party

The ever popular Summer Party will be held on Friday 19 July 2019 after morning Bridge.

Hammersmith & District Bridge League
If you are interested in playing for Brentham Bridge Club please contact Jane A'Court.
Matches are local and are played in peoples homes or club rooms in a friendly environment.
Looking for a partner on a Wednesday evening?

 Although hosting is discontinued on Wednesday evenings, you can email Ken Butcher if you are looking for a partner.



For competition rules click on the Competitions tab above.


Wednesday start at 7.25 p.m. 

Please be seated by 7.15 p.m.


Friday start at 9.45 a.m.  

Please be seated by 9.35 a.m.





Either email:


Contact Peter Garvin at: 

Tel: 07794 601239 


If you believe there is an error in the scores please notify the Director before the session finishes.


Minutes of the Brentham Bridge Club AGM dated the 13th March 2019


1. The formal notice convening the meeting had been published on the Club noticeboard 4 weeks in advance of the meeting, in accordance with Club Rules.
In the absence of the Chairman, KenB took the chair accompanied by Mike Kaufmann Committee Member, plus approx. 20 members present.


2. Apologies had been received from:
John and Eli Marks, Mike Dunn and Marlene Rose, Colin and Jenny Hearn Wiktor Staniaszek, Di and Sid Arnott and finally from Peter Garvin who regretfully is unwell.( chairman)


3. The minutes of the previous year’s meeting dated the 14th March 2018 had been circulated, and these were unanimously approved by the meeting and signed by Mike Kaufmann.
There were no Matters Arising.


4. Club Rules
There had been two minor amendments proposed by the Bridge Committee;


a. Rule 4a:The date for the AGM can be either the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday in March.


b. Rule 10 and 11: Inappropriate behaviour sanctions extended to Visitors as well as Members.


These were unanimously approved by the meeting.


5. Chairmans Report. Year to 31st Dec 2018.

The Chairmans report was read out by KenB.


6. Treasurers report

This had been circulated.

Another successful year with a surplus of £1710.The bank balance standing at £9979. It was noted that £8000 had been loaned to Brentham Club, and this would be repaid during the year from June onwards. Apart from miscellaneous sundries, no capital equipment had been purchased during the year.
The accounts were unanimously accepted by the meeting.


7. Election of Committee.

The rules allow for 7 committee members and following the resignation of Annie Hackett ( whose service were most gratefully received by the Committee) , the remaining 6 committee members offered their services for the coming year and were unanimously approved by the meeting ( proposed Paul Stevens, and seconded by Inga Veecock)

Jane A’Court notified the meeting that she would be prepared to join the Committee and she was unanimously accepted by all present.


8. AOB

There was no further business to be discussed and the meeting closed at 7-20 pm