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Please note that the bridge Christmas lunch is on Friday 13 December, plus there will be mince pies and mulled wine on Wednesday 18 December.  More details to follow nearer the time.

We need more Directors - are you interested?
The charge to attend the training is £232, but as we are in need of more directors and funds are good, Brentham Bridge Club will pay for you to qualify as a Director if you are prepared to undertake the training (and are a member of the Brentham Club).
Please express your interest to a committee member and we will move this matter forwards.  The last person to qualify was Mike Ritchings and we already have Jane A'Court booked to part in the Directors training detailed below:
There is a training course running at Richmond Bridge Club over 4 Saturdays (all day sessions):

18 January 2020: How to run Club Duplicate

1 February 2020: Book rulings part 1

29 February 2020: Book rulings part 2, judgement rulings

21 March 2020: Assessment

Hammersmith & District Bridge League
If you are interested in playing for Brentham Bridge Club please contact Jane A'Court (
Matches are local and are played in peoples homes or club rooms in a friendly environment.
Looking for a partner on a Wednesday evening?

 Although hosting is discontinued on Wednesday evenings, if you are looking for a partner - ask Marlene, who will try to find you one. Text her on 07789 963944 or e-mail at



For competition rules click on the Competitions tab above.


Wednesday start at 7.25 p.m. 

Please be seated by 7.15 p.m.


Friday start at 9.45 a.m.  

Please be seated by 9.35 a.m.





Either email:


Contact Peter Garvin at: 

Tel: 07794 601239 


If you believe there is an error in the scores please notify the Director before the session finishes.

Competition Winners
Past Winners

          Club Champion Pair

 Average Percentage Score over the whole year

2008 Mike Kaufmann & Vernon Hartley 56.67%

2009 Dani Okrzeja  & Marianne Yacoub 57.04%

2010 Rebecca & Chris Bonser  57.43%

2011  Patrick Royston & David Kilby 58.77%

2012  Mike Kaufmann & Patrick Royston 58.46%.

2013  Sheila Barnes & David Benjamin 56.51%

2014 Chris Bonser & Merrita Dickinson  57.35%

2015 Gudmundur Audunsson & Wiktor Staniaszek 60.39%

2016 Gudmundur Audunsson & Wiktor Staniaszek 58.44%

2017 Alan Lloyd & Peter Barnes-Hoggett 58.48%

2018 Ala Swietochowski & Paul Stevens 59.28%

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Past Winners

Brentham Pairs Cup Winners

2000     Marianne Yacoub, Dani Okrzeja

2001     Vernon Hartley, Mike Kaufmann             

2002    Victor McClean, Paul Stevens

2003    Joan & Roger Wright

2004    Sheila  Barnes, David Benjamin

2005    Marianne Yacoub, Dani Okrzeja

2006    Vernon Hartley, Mike Kaufmann

2007    Vernon Hartley, Mike Kaufmann

2008    Cynthia Griffiths, Jean Moss

2009    Marianne Yacoub, Dani Okrzeja

2010    Victor McClean, Paul Stevens

2011    Vernon Hartley, Mike Kaufmann

2012    Moira Simpkin, Liz Stevens

2013    Clive Harrison, David Perridge

2014    Alun Lloyd, Peter Barnes-Hoggett

2015    Vernon Hartley, Mike Kaufmann

2016    Gudmundur Audunsson, Wiktor Staniaszek

2017   Ali El-Agraa, Mike Kaufmann

2018   Peter Barnes-Hobbett, Alun Lloyd

2019   Colin Hearn, Mike Kaufmann





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Past Winners

      Joan & Roger Wright Mixed Pairs Cup        

2000   Jessie Mason, Frank Power 

2001   Sheila Barnes, David Benjamin 

2002   Glenys & John Roberts           

2003   Judy Gross, Chris Deloford

2004   Sheila Barnes, David Benjamin

2005   Glenys & John Roberts

2006   Liz Stevens, Mike Kaufmann

2007   Sara Kaye, Victor McClean

2008   Sheila Barnes, David Benjamin         

2009   Liz Stevens, Mike Kaufmann

2010  Elizabeth & Alan Clarke    

2011   Liz Stevens, Mike Kaufmann

2012  Joan and Roger Wright      

2013  Liz Stevens, Mike Kaufmann       

2014  Liz Scott, David Perridge

2015 Sheila Barnes, David Benjamin

2016 Liz Stevens, Mike Kaufmann

2017 Liz Stevens, Mike Kaufmann

2018 Ruth Hawkins, Keith Newton

2019  Janet Curtis, Philip Middlemast


Last updated : 13th Oct 2019 12:15 BST
Past Winners

          Sheila Barnes Cup (Teams)   

2000  Sheila Barnes,  David Benjamin, Dani Okrzeja, Marianne Yacoub

2001  Sheila Barnes, Elaine Softleigh, Rebecca Bonser, Chris Bonser

2002  Derek Moorman, Frank Power, Patrick Royston, David Kilby

2003  Roger Wright, Chris Deloford, Victor McClean,  Paul Stevens  

2004 ---

2005  Sheila Barnes,  David Benjamin, Reddi Pingle, Peter Thorneloe

2006  Vernon Hartley, Mike Kaufmann, Olwen Chase, John Chase            

2007  Sheila Barnes,  David Benjamin,  Victor McClean,  Paul Stevens  

2008  Joan Wright, Judy Gross,  Paul Stevens, Victor McClean

2009  Derek Daly, Marion Jolliffe, Peter Bongoukian, Mike Richings

2010 Sheila Barnes,  David Benjamin, Vernon Hartley,  Mike Kaufmann

2011 Chris Bonser, Rebecca Bonser, Norman Downe, Douglas Shennan

2012 Chris Bonser, Rebecca Bonser, Tatiana Doicin, Robert Harwood

2013 Sheila Barnes, David Benjamin, Gaul Ferrao, Jon White                    (joint winners)   

2013 Mike Kaufmann, Patrick Royston, David Kilby, Moira Simpkin            (joint winners)   

2014 Olwen Chase, John Chase, Doris Faktor, Mike Newlands

2015 John Marks, Eli Marks, Peter Barnes-Hoggett, Alun  Lloyd

2016 John Marks, Eli Marks, Clive Harrison, David Perridge

New Format

2017 Peter Barnes-Hoggett, Alun Lloyd

2018 Ken Butcher and Mike Richings

2019 Gudmundur Audunsson, Wiktor Staniaszek


Last updated : 18th Mar 2019 05:10 GMT
Past Winners

          Ali Meghani Cup                         

2000     Vernon Hartley, Mike Kaufmann            

2001     John & Glenys Roberts,                        

            John Walton, Eric Littlejohns                        

2002    Vernon Hartley, Mike Kaufmann            

2003    Sheila Barnes, David Benjamin            

2004    Marion Jolliffe, Derek Daly                

2005    Patrick Royston, Ken Drane                   

2006    Keith Ellmes, Reddi Pingle                     

2007    Patrick Royston, David Kilby                 

2008    Victor McClean, Paul Stevens               

2009    Rebecca Bonser, Chris Bonser              

2010    Dani Okrzeja, Marianne Yacoub            

2011    Cynthia Griffiths, Jean Moss               

2012    Sheila Barnes, David Benjamin              

2013    Jenny & Colin Hearn                            

2014    Chris Bonser, Merrita Dickinson          

2015    Christine Morison,Tariq Ahmed          

2016    Vernon Hartley, Mike Kaufmann 

2017    Judy Gross, Lionel Gross 

2018    Gudmundur Audunsson, Wiktor Staniaszek

2019    Peter Barnes-Hoggett, Alun Lloyd






Last updated : 30th Mar 2019 08:48 GMT
Past Winners

          Grimshaw Cup                      

2000   Judy Gross, Joan Wright                   

2001   J Sakhuja, P Patel                                

2002   Rita & Royston Snapper                      

2003   Roger Wright, Chris Deloford            

2004   Elaine Softleigh, Douglas Shennan      

2005   Mike Kaufmann, Vernon Hartley         

2006   Keith Ellmes, Reddi Pingle                    

2007   Dani Okrzeja, Marianne Yacoub           

2008   Mike Kaufmann, Vernon Hartley           

2009   Liz Stevens, Moira Simpkin                

2010   Rebecca Bonser, Chris Bonser              

2011   Dani Okrzeja, Vernon Hartley              

2012   Cynthia Griffiths, Jean Moss               

2013  Colette Ray, Merrita Dickinson            

2014  Merrita Dickinson,  Chris Bonser        

2015  Liz Scott, Ala Swietochowski

2016 Sheila Barnes, David Benjamin

2017 Eli Marks, John Marks

2018 Judy Gross, Lionel Gross

2019 Inge Veecock, Barbara Kittel







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