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New Members

Application for membership of the club have been received from Noel and Rosaleen Fortune. If you to havean objection to either application, you must raise it with the committee priority to 27th August.

Ouro news has been move to the archive page. Click here to see our archived information.

Tips & Hints

Etiquette and Behaviour

To help all our members enjoy bridge in our club please follow the guidance from the CBAI and the Eastern Region that you can review by following the links:

  1. CBAI Ettiquette Rules and guidelines
  2. Eastern Region Behaviour Guidance


Notes and Quizzes

Notes to help recap on the topics covered in the Hints and Tips sessions can be found by following the links:

  1. Notes and quiz on Leads to No Trump contracts
  2. Quiz on Leads to No Trump contracts Answerss
  3. Quiz 1 on Bidding
  4. Quiz 1 on Bidding Answers
  5. Quiz 2 on Bidding -  for Wine! - A bottle of wine for everyone who gets all 20 questions correct!
  6. Quiz 2 on Bidding -  Answers! - Now you can see why you didn't win that bottle of wine!

You can also go back over material that Thomas McCormac by following the links below: