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Hand of the Week


Hand of the Week

Interesting hand from the Regent Premier League Teams:    "Teams Tactics" - courtesy of MN Peter Stewart


After West opened with their shapely 5-5 hand, N/S bid to game with the sequence shown above  (*INT = 15 -18 maybe no spade stop / **2D  = transfer / ***2NT positive / ****3C feature only 3 points but 8 1/2 loser hand)

Partner leads S2 and dummy goes down....

So you win with SK and think ok if I get a diamond ruff I get this down.  

Do I cash the spade first recognizing dummy has 3 and therefore declarer has only 2?    No - because that makes it too easy for declarer to get a ruff in hand.   Lets play D switch and hope partner has H or D entry.   So D switch and declarer let the Diamond return run to the jack in dummy, with partner indicating no interest in diamonds.   Declarer declines to take out trumps (looks like he might have only 3 and missing 1 of A or K) and rather ruffs a club in dummy and leads a spade.....  

So what now??   If you woodenly go up the spade ace and switch to a heart hoping for partner to have the A or for declarer to leave it round to the Q, declarer can go up the A, ruff a club, ruff a spade, and game over!!!

You know declarer is a capable player, and he needs a spade ruff in hand before he plays trumps.  

But to get the contract down we will need another spade a trump trick from dummy and a ruff by me so you must think about how to get partner in?  

Does partner have the spade Q (in which case you DUCK the 2nd spade hoping your partner has the Queen) OR do they have the Ace of Hearts?

The answer is what card their play in Diamonds defines which card they have! 

On the diamond return from you - clearly a singleton - and declarer playing low from hand to finish in dummy, the card played by partner is a SP card and defines where lies his entry.

With you playing the King at trick one partner knows that you hold the Ace, therefore the Queen of spades is an entry for the diamond ruff. 

The ten of diamonds at trick two clears up the problem - with the Jack of spades and the Ace of hearts East would play a low diamond - again SP.

So you can safely DUCK the 2nd spade letting it run to your partners Queen and down one!!   Any other play and declarer makes his contract!

Tip:  Teams Tactics - When defending, be sure to agree with partner as to what kind of signals you're using - the situation sometimes defines the card you play, and this is your way to communicate 


Hand of the Week


Hand of the Week

Board # 17, 29th October 2019:  "Splinter on the way to Game"

How often do you hear the question asked: “How many points had you”?  (9 and 16 – we should have enough for game.)

Good distribution is frequently more valuable than high card points.  East is well worth a splinter bid of 4C, showing a club singleton or void, four card trump support, and control of three suits. 

West with wasted values in clubs and minimum values will simply sign off in 4H.  

In the play a club lead makes life difficult for declarer.  They will need to play a spade towards the queen early as if declarer draws trumps they will run out of steam.  A cross ruff after establishing a spade trick is the best way to 10 tricks.

Tip: Splinter when you at least have values for game - it allows your partner to evaluate their hand 


Hand of the Week


Board # 4, 15th October 2019:  "Don't leave the Gate Open" 

The Bidding

W                N                  E               S

P                 1S                  3H            P

4H              ?

West with good trump support should should raise his partner’s 3H bid to 4H.  North has a difficult decision after the initial pass fom partner. In practice he will be tempted to bid 4S. It is not easy to introduce the four card diamond suit at the five level. If West had passed and left the gate open it is much easier for North to introduce his diamond suit at a lower level.

In a 4S contract North can ruff the opening heart lead and enter dummy via the club Ace to enable him to take the successful spade finesse. In the later play he will be forced to play the diamonds from hand, drop the singleton kingand so a losing club will disappear on the long diamond.

Tip: Support your partner early on – dont leave the gate open for the bull to break in.



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Many, many thanks to everyone who helped out with the organisation and running of the Congress last weekend!! 

Anne Daly did a phenomenal job, and we were inundated with offers of help from our members, and it was this combined effort which ensured such a successful weekend!!!  

And very well done also to all our members who played in and did well at the Congress!!!


Mixed Pairs

2nd                             Michael McAuliffe & Sandra Newell

3rd                              Brendan Martin & Mamie MacCormac

Best Local                 John Noonan & Eileen Vickers


Gala Pairs

3rd                              Rory Egan & partner


Congress Swiss Pairs

1st                              BJ O'Brien & Alan O'Sullivan

2nd                             Norbert van Woerkom & partner

4th                              Sandra Newell & Richard Elvin

1st Session                 Dolores Gilliland & partner



Congress Swiss Teams

1st                              Michael McAuliffe, Sandra Newell, John Noonan, Carol-Ann Cummins

3rd                              Norbert van Woerkom, Justin Corfield and partners

2nd Session                Richard Elvin & John Comyn, and Kathleen Vaughan & partner

Best Area Master      Mary O'Toole & Alan Hardie and teammates






Bray Congress 2019



♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣

It's fast approching that time of year again!!!!!!

Friday 30th August - 1st September in the Royal Hotel Bray!!!  

Last year was a sell-out (limited to 68 tables) so entries through the CBAI online booking tool or to Anne Daly 086 2596889 or!!!



Bray BC

Holmes Wilson 2019

Very well done to all our members who did so well this year!!

It was fiercely contested & the outcome was still in doubt up to the last round, but 1st place was claimed by   Adam Mesbur!!! 

Very well done also to David Jackson (2nd place) and BJ O' Brien (5th place)

Congratulations & well done to all!!!

Results found here -->


Bray Christmas Party 2017
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♠    Bray Christmas Party 2017    ♣ 

Great fun was had by all!  :-)


We would like to highlight to all members of the importance of verifying the correct score/orientation when accepting the score on all boards.   

Please note that the time limit for any changes in score is 5 minutes after getting your score on the bridgemates at the end of the session. 

If any score entered incorrectly is not corrected by the TD by the end of play then the results uploaded on the website will stand as entered. 


Latest News

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Recent Successes

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Congratulations to our members who did so well in recent events!


Spiro National Mixed Pairs 19th October 2019

1st - Kathleen Vaughan & Richard Elvin

2nd - Mairead Haugh & Justin Corfield

5th - Carol-Ann Cummins & John Noonan

1st Session - Eileen O'Donovan & partner

2nd Session - Maria Whelan & partner

Results =>


Coen National Mixed Teams 20th October 2019

2nd - Richard Elvin & Kathleen Vaughan and teammates

4th - Peter Stewart and Maria Whelan and teammates

Best MR - Michelle Moloney & Tiernan Hall and teammates

Results here =>


Seamus O' Gorman Trophy 4th October

1st Alan O'Sullivan & BJ O'Brien

2nd Catherine M E McCann & Brendan Martin

3rd Eimir Beirne & John Comyn

Results here ->


Drogheda Confined Pairs

3rd Maurice Coleman & Shane Smyth

Results here ->


Drogheda Congress Pairs

1st BJ O'Brien & partner

Results here ->


Drogheda Congress Pairs 2nd Session Prize

1st Michelle Moloney & partner

Results here ->


Drogheda Congress Teams

2nd Michelle Moloney & teammates

Results here ->


IBU Egan Trophy - Champions Cup -  top 10 teams in Ireland  

3rd   BJ O' Brien & teammates


IBU Club Pairs (Masters) - 2019  


2nd   Theresa Rigney & partner

3rd   Sandra Newell & Michael McAuliffe

4th   John Noonan & Carol-Ann Cummins


National Mens and Womens Weekend - 2019  


Revington Cup - National Mens Pairs (34 tables)

2nd   John Noonan & Alan O' Sullivan

Jackson Cup - National Womens Pairs (47 tables)

3rd   Sandra Newell & Carol-Ann Cummins


McMenamin Bowl  - National Womens Teams (50 teams)

1st   Dolores Gilliland

2nd   Catherine McCann & Rita O' Neill

4th   Maria Whelan & Eileen O' Donovan

5th   Sandra Newell & Carol-Ann Cummins


Geraldine Trophy - National Mens Teams (39 teams)

5th   Richard Elvin 


    Dublin Summer Congress (27th - 29th July)

Mixed Pairs

3rd   Mairead Haugh & Justin Corfield

Congress Pairs

1st   BJ O’ Brien & David Jackson

3rd   Sandra Newell & Theresa Rigney

Congress Teams

2nd   Richard Elvin & John Noonan and teammates

3rd   Peter Stewart & Dolores Gilliland and teammates

Results here


CBAI National Pairs Finals (24th - 25th March)

Davidson Cup Master Pairs

1st  BJ O'Brien & partner

3rd  John Noonan & Carol-Ann Cummins

Results here

Laird Cup Intermediate Pairs

5th  Vincent Wallace & partner

Results here

IBU Seniors Congress (20th - 22nd March)

IBU Senior Teams (Pat McDevitt Trophy)

2nd  Maria Whelan & teammates

IBU Senior Congress Pairs (Pat McDevitt Trophy)

5th  BJ O'Brien & partner

Open Pairs (wednesday night)

1st Rita and Michael Riordan

 Results here

 IBU Senior Trials (16th - 18th March)

1st  BJ O'Brien

Results here


Clonmel Bridge Congress (16th - 18th March)

Congress Pairs

1st  Martin Brady & partner

Congress Teams

2nd  Maria Whelan & Dolores Gilliland & teammates

Results here

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Upcoming Events

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EBL National Women's and Seniors' Pairs Ostend

Click here>>>


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