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Welcome to Bray Bridge Club
Bray Bridge Club is 80 years old



In the time honour tradition of this season

We are running another who can beat Alan league.

Congratulations to John Noonan, he led from the start.

The final placings are:

  1. John Noonan
  2. Mairead Haugh
  3. Maria Whelan
  4. Alan O'Sullivan

Have a look at the full table on the Bray Spring League page.



Congratulations to the Boland Teams winners - Peggy, Mary T, Dolores & Maria


Click here to see the official results of the competition 


 McStravick Teams 2024

Alan found the winning strategy again.


Updated Result

After several reviews of the scores, we have a verified result. As the two top teams had the same score, the Tie-Break rule applies. This means that the winner of the direct match between Team 5 and Team 8 takes the trophy. 

Well done Alan O'Sullivan & John Noonan and Mairead Haugh & Roisin De Jong.

  TEAM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 TOTAL
1  Catherine McCann & Brendan Martin  Eileen O'Donovan & Maria Whelan        2 5 4 4 3 8 3 29
2  Carol Vambeck & Eleanor Callanan Sinead Madden & Michael Kenny  6   2 2 3 5 7 1 26
3  Sean Maguire & Eileen Vickers       Marie Callanan & Anne Daly        3 6   3 3 4 4 2 25
4  Michael Riordan & Rita Riordan Helga Hautz & John Hautz  4 6 5   2 3 3 1 24
5  Alan O'Sullivan & John Noonan  Mairead Haugh & Roisin De Jong    4 5 5 6   4 5 6 35
6  Shane Smyth & Maurice Coleman Adrian Meagher & Mia Delaney        5 3 4 5 4   6 5 32
8   Triona Irving & Mary O'Toole Peggy Kelly & Mary Teehan   0 1 4 5 3 2   3 18
8  John Gilliland & Rory Egan Vincent Wallace & George Daly  5 7 7 6 2 3 5   35



The rankings posted on the results page are based on IMPs scoring. However, the competition uses board a match that gives the rankings in the table above,

Congratulations to the winners and well done for running a great competition.



We thought that Alan would have to dump BJ if he wanted to win.

But Alan found the winning strategy.

Congratulations to Alan, the winner of the Bray Autumn League and to those who nearly caught him:

At the moment the leaders are:

  1. Alan O'Sullivan
  2. BJ O'Brien
  3. John Noonan
  4. Jason Doyle
  5. Marie Callanan
  6. Mairead Haugh
  7. Michael Riordan & Rita Riordan

See the full results on the Autumn League page;




We have a new Champ!

Congratulations to  Alan O'Sullivan for winning, almost from the start, the 2023 Bray Summer League.  Do come along to the prize giving to congratulate Alann and the other prize winners.:

  1. v John Noonan
  2. Marie Callanan
  3. Mairead Haugh
  4. Maria Whelan
  5. Neil English
  • Area Master - Adrian Meagher
  • Intermediate - Eleanor Callanan



Happy Birthday to Wicklow Oldest Bridge Club

Bray Bridge Club is 80 this year and Gordon Lessels, President of the CBAI, helped us kick off the year of celebrations. Bray has had a long history of attracting the best  bridge players and John Noonan reminded us of a number of them who also served as CBAI president in the past. 

Here's to another 80 years of great bridge in Bray.



28th May 2024
AGM & Prizegiving
4th June 2024
Club Bridge
11th June 2024
Club Bridge
18th June 2024
Club Bridge

We would like to highlight to all members of the importance of verifying the correct score/orientation when accepting the score on all boards.   

Please note that the time limit for any changes in the score is 5 minutes after getting your score on the bridgemates at the end of the session. 

If any score entered incorrectly is not corrected by the TD by the end of play then the results uploaded on the website will stand as entered. 



CBAI Calendar of Events

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CBAI Calendar of Events

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