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2009 News
Kath Cutland Rosebowl Winners
8 pairs took part in the Rosebowl held on Wednesday 9th December and congratulations go to the winners who were Joyce & Bill White.
Last updated : 13th Feb 2010 16:36 GMT
Thomas Plate Winners

8 teams took part in the Pivot Teams of Four held on Friday 23rd October and congratulations go to the winners who were:-
David Murray
Andrea O'Rafferty
Peter & Brenda Greaves

Last updated : 13th Feb 2010 16:35 GMT
Chairman (acting)
Peter McWhirter will be acting Chairman until a replacement for Ron has been found.
Last updated : 13th Feb 2010 16:32 GMT
Ron Steedman Ė Eulogy. 11th August 2009

Fun Ė this is the word that leaps into my mind when I think about Ron. He was fun, and he enjoyed fun. Jenny and I have known him ever since we first started playing duplicate at Knutsford Bridge Club. In those days Ron was in charge of the Christmas party entertainments. He would dress up in his evening suit, embellished with a large red cummerbund, and he would organise the games and make sure we all had a really good time.

We got to know him better when we went to the Jersey Congress where he and Reg were regular attendees. So regular in fact that a couple of years ago they were awarded a decanter each to commemorate their 25 years of continued attendance. Each year on the last evening of this Congress, the hotel organised a special dinner and Ron and Reg joined us and other Bramhall Village Bridge Club (BVBC) members, for the after-dinner quiz organised by the Jersey bridge clan. We never won any of the quizzes, we werenít in a fit state to compete seriously, but had there been a prize for laughter, our team would have won, hands down.

It was in Jersey, over a period of two years, that I finally persuaded Ron to take over the chairmanship of BVBC from me. I was not wrong to persevere, because not only was Ron an excellent chairman, but he was a pleasure to work with.

Ron was a very good bridge player and a knowledgeable and most fair director.  He represented the county and was a Life Master. But he was modest about his bridge, and very patient. He would partner anyone, be they good players or less experienced. He initiated the ĎChairmanís Cupí, an event in which any member of the club could partner him, and whichever of his partners gained the highest score with him, they won the cup. Ron played with over 80 different partners in this competition.

Talking to Ron I was amazed to hear he had been a Trade Unionist. He just didnít seem to fit the bill. Instead of a loud aggressive person, Ron was gentle, the soul of discretion and diplomacy. These were the qualities he brought to being chairman of BVBC.  He never said it, but we realised that his work in dealing with Union Members and Management, was a brilliant training ground for dealing with the members of BVBC and for re-writing the constitution at Cheadle Hulme Bridge Club to ensure that it was democratic and fair!

Ron took a lot of stick. He bent over backwards to be fair over the introduction of duplimated boards.  He offered the club members countless occasions to vote on the issue but still he had complaints. He, along with the committee, steered BVBC into our new room upstairs, not an easy ride, and this year he has also had to guide the club over the introduction of the new English Bridge Union policy of Pay to Play. Itís been a heavy year.

Ron was a gentleman; a conscientious, enthusiastic, energetic and popular personality. He was involved in so many things with so many people. He has touched so many lives that I feel most privileged to deliver this eulogy. We are very, very sad to lose him and we are all going to miss him enormously.

Jenny & Jim Morris

Last updated : 18th Sep 2009 07:39 GMT
We are sad to announce the sudden death, on Thursday 30th July 2009, of Ron Steedman.  He was the Chairman of Bramhall Bridge Club for about the last 3 years and will be sadly missed by everyone.  A memorial service for Ron is to be held in the Cypress Chapel at Stockport Crematorium on Tuesday 11th August at 12 noon.  Flowers have been sent from the club to his wife saying "Glenys - in memory of Ron, who will be missed so very much by all of us at Bramhall Village Bridge Club. Our thanks to him for everything he did."
Last updated : 18th Sep 2009 07:39 GMT
MCBA League Matches
With the start of the new league season beginning in September, any club member can hold team matches in the upstairs room, without charge.  However, you would have to liaise with a keyholder to ensure equipment/room is unlocked and available.
Last updated : 23rd Aug 2009 14:08 GMT
Christmas Dinner

Would any members be interested in a Christmas Dinner followed by Bridge at The Hunting Lodge, Adlington Hall?  We would meet at 6pm for a drink followed by a meal and then Bridge in the adjoining room.  Those who have been to the Hunting Lodge will know how attractive the venue and how good the food is. This really is a friendly way to end the year.

The menu is on the noticeboard for your perusal and the majority rules regarding 2 or 3 courses.  Fantastic prizes would be supplied by the club.  Please enter your names and choice of 2 or 3 courses ( food will be chosen later) on the noticeboard upstairs.  Limited to 40.

Last updated : 23rd Aug 2009 14:01 GMT
Success at Gloucester & Hereford Green Pointed Swiss Pairs
Joyce & Bill White won the Gloucester & Hereford Green Pointed Swiss Pairs on 20th June 2009  out of a field of 88 pairs.  Well done and congratulations to Joyce & Bill.
Last updated : 23rd Aug 2009 14:01 GMT
Summary of AGM on Weds 27th May

Move Upstairs. This provided a lengthy, heated and noisy debate. Basically, members liked the move upstairs (28 members for and 10 against) but would like the committee to explore the possibility of:

  1. Getting the radiators under control.
  2. Air conditioning.
  3. Speeding up play.
  4. Reducing the noise levels.

Pay 2 Play. The Chairman explained the EBUís proposal of pay to play and stated that it would affect our club by having to pay the EBU 36p per person per bridge session (7p of which will go to Manchester County Bridge Association).  If we did not wish to pay this levy then we would have to disaffiliate from the EBU when it became compulsory in 2010. On a practical level, if we accept, it would mean that all future sessions (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) would have to pay £2 table money per person starting in April 2010. Pauline Lang stated that as a long-term member of the club she fully supported the work of the EBU and all that it did for clubs such as providing the Laws, training and teaching. There was no strong opposition to this and a vote to support the EBU and P2P was carried with 3 votes against and 2 abstentions.

Election of Committee. The Chairman announced that two long serving members, Marjorie Warren and Daphne Youles were standing down from the committee and praised their many varied and useful contributions to the running of the club. He asked for nominations for the committee - Joyce White and Wanda Zuckerman were elected. The rest of the current committee were also re-elected on bloc.


  1. Christine Barton proposed a vote of thanks to all the Directors of the club and this was warmly approved.
  2. There was discussion about filling kettles and it was agreed that the boiler should be tried.
Last updated : 23rd Aug 2009 14:00 GMT
Roy Higson Plate Winners
I am pleased to report that 4 of our current members (Peter & Brenda Greaves, Di Lyons and Richard Acaster) won the Roy Higson Plate competition last Sunday on 19th April with the team Double Diamonds. There were 9 league teams in the final (it is open to Division 3 and below). They put in a good performance and there is a photo and results on the County website.
Last updated : 27th Jun 2009 21:50 GMT
Corn Cairdis Friendly International Result
Steve Mattinson and Pauline Lang were selected to represent England in a friendly International against Ireland in Malahide, Dublin on the weekend of 25th/26th April.
They have just returned and Pauline says "...that they have had a really enjoyable weekend of 'traditional' Irish hospitality - too much to eat, too much to drink and friendliness both at the table and away from it.  Even better, our English team were highly successful with everyone pulling their weight. The trophy was returned to English soil in the capable hands of Max Bavin."
We would like to congratulate them both on their participation and success in this international event as regular players at Bramhall.
Last updated : 27th Jun 2009 21:50 GMT
Move to new room upstairs

All bridge nights will now be held in the room upstairs.  The first night will be Friday 27th March.

Last updated : 27th Jun 2009 21:49 GMT
Gambrill Trophy Handicap Pairs Result
The result of the Gambrill Trophy Handicap Pairs that was held on Wednesday 11th March was:

 1st Pauline Lang & Fred Bell  58.02%
 2nd Joyce White & Liza Furnival  55.74%
 3rd David Pennington & Rod Franks  53.13%
Last updated : 27th Jun 2009 21:48 GMT
Barbara's Bowl Results
The result of the Barbara's Bowl that was held on Friday 6th February was:

1st Geoffrey Barlow & Dieter Salden  61.64%
2nd Marjorie Warren & Iris Southward  61.38%
3rd Anne Rhodes & Shelagh Kershaw  60.12%
Last updated : 11th Apr 2009 19:48 GMT
Move to upstairs room
The Village Club have received the grant of Lottery Funds for the stairlift to provide disabled access to the upstairs room.  The electrics have been installed for the lift and we expect the lift to be installed very shortly.   The Village Club have agreed that disabled facilities could be built into the current dark room provided that there was secure storage of the Photographic Sectionís projector. A date has yet to be fixed for this to go ahead.  After much discussion it was agreed that once the stairlift was installed we would move our Sectionís bridge sessions upstairs with the expectation that there would be disabled facilities there in the very near future.
Last updated : 11th Apr 2009 19:47 GMT
Gazette Cup Team Selected
The Gazette Cup is an inter-club Manchester County,  Team of 8 competition to be held at Altrincham Bridge Club on Sunday 5th of April.  The winners go on to represent the County in the regional final of the Garden Cities competition. Our club are the current holders of the Cup.  The team that has been selected is Jim & Jenny Morris, Peter & Joyce Hishmurgh, Howard Stubbings & Dhun Daji, and Rod Franks & Ron Steedman.  We wish them success.
Last updated : 11th Apr 2009 19:47 GMT
Chester Congress Success
Joyce and Bill White, Jenny and Jim Morris won the Chester Cup at the Chester Congress Teams competition on Sunday 18th January.  Well Done - this successful team are all members of the Bramhall Village Bridge Club.
Last updated : 15th Mar 2009 13:08 GMT
Teams of Four Championship Result
The results on Wednesday 14th January were:
1st.     32 imps  Julia, Howard, Dhun, Terry
2nd.     27 imps  Vic, Barry, Mark, Michelle
3rd.     19 imps  Jim, Jenny, Liza, Joyce
4th.     17 imps  David, Rod, Fred, Pauline
5th.     11 imps  Ron, Pat, Joan, Ailsa 
6th.      7 imps  Mary, Yolande, Pat, Norman
7th.      4 imps  Joy, Marion, Geoff, Dawn
8th.     -8 imps  Iris, Daphne, Marjorie, Wanda
9th.    -15 imps  Tom, Ross, Inder, Surinder
10th.   -24 imps  Peter, Mc, Morag, Dieter, Tony
11th.   -30 imps  Peter G, Brenda, Peter S, Jean
12th.   -40 imps  Brian, Collette, Peter B, Frank
Excluding ineligible members, the result for the Teams of Four Championship competition was:
1st.     35 imps  Julia, Howard, Dhun, Terry
2nd.     26 imps  Jim, Jenny, Liza, Joyce
3rd.     21 imps  David, Rod, Fred, Pauline
Last updated : 15th Mar 2009 13:08 GMT
NICKO Round 2 Results
Congratulations to both of our Bramhall teams in winning their Round 2 matches in the National Inter-Club Knockout.  Bramhall A (Ron Steedman, Richard Acaster, Kevin Higgins and Richard Sinton) beat Bolton B by 7 IMPS while Bramhall B team (Pauline Lang, Rod Franks, Steve Mattinson and David Pennington) beat Deva B by 37 IMPS.
Last updated : 15th Mar 2009 13:08 GMT
Bramhall Salver cancelled
It has been decided to cancel the Bramhall Salver this year due to the small number of entries received.  Thanks for all those that spent time in trying to organise this event.
Last updated : 15th Mar 2009 13:08 GMT