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2008 News
Send any interesting news items to  Kevin Higgins for inclusion on these pages.
Rose Bowl Result
The result of the final of the Kath Cutland Rose Bowl that was held on Wednesday 10th December was:

 1st  Kevin Higgins & Richard Sinton  60.90%
 2nd  David Pennington & David Berrisford  59.29%
 3rd  Jim & Jenny Morris  58.97%
Last updated : 11th Apr 2009 19:49 GMT
Duplimate Ballot Results
The result of the recent ballot on Duplimated Hands for Wednesday night was 70 for and 50 against - 60% of elligible votes were for the continuation of duplimated hands.
Last updated : 11th Apr 2009 19:49 GMT
New Notices on Club Notice Board

The club notice board has had some new notices posted:

a.   EBU Q & A paper on pay to play scheme.
b.   Application to join the clubs' team of 8 for the Gazette trophy which we won last year.

Last updated : 27th Jan 2009 12:33 GMT
Congratulations to our teams in NICKO
Congratulations to our 2 teams in winning their Round 1 matches in the National Inter-Club Knockout.  Bramhall A (Ron Steedman, Richard Acaster, Kevin Higgins and Richard Sinton) beat a good Manchester team by 59 IMPS and Bramhall B (Pauline Lang, Rod Franks, Steve Mattinson and David Pennington) beat Shrewsbury C coming from behind to win by 9 IMPS.
Last updated : 10th Jan 2009 09:03 GMT
Saturday Duplicate extends number of nights
With the success and popularity of Saturday Duplicate, currently held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, it has been decided to extend the number of nights played.  Starting in September, Saturday duplicate will now be held on every Saturday of the month in the small hall at the usual time of 7:30pm. Also starting in September, visitors will now have to pay table money of 3 - there will be no restriction on how many times during the year that visitors can play on Saturdays.
Last updated : 10th Jan 2009 09:02 GMT
Results of Extraordinary meeting on 18th June 2008

On the proposal to accept the Village Club offer as outlined 14 were in favour and 28 against.  The proposal that we move without there being disabled access was rejected unanimously.  On the proposal that if we could have exclusive use 24/7 of the upstairs room with disabled access and facilities 38 members were in favour and 4 against.

The main club has now gone ahead with refurbishment.  Once this is done then we will be asking members what we should do.

Last updated : 24th Aug 2008 18:42 GMT
Jenny Morris elected to Manchester County selection committee
Congratulations to Jenny having been elected to the Manchester County selection committee at the Manchester AGM on Thursday 5th June.
Last updated : 24th Aug 2008 18:23 GMT


To Peter McWhirter on  winning The Chairman's Trophy for 2008

  1.    Peter  McWhirter      69.79
  2.     Peter  Kirk               65.54
  3.     Joyce Hishmurgh      63.43
  4.     Rod    Franks           62.43
  5.     Shiela Hildage          62.30

This trophy is awarded to the highest % achieved by the chairman's partner in the year. It is open to all members and the chairman, Ron Steedman,  is now looking for partners both on Friday and Wednesday for the coming year.

Last updated : 16th Jun 2008 16:32 GMT
Gardens Cities Regional Final
The Bramhall Team of 8 represented the Manchester County at the Garden Cities Regional Final.  This was held at Bradford on 17th May 2008. Bramhall finished a creditable 5th out of 8 teams, winning 4 out of 7 matches.  The standard was high and the higher placed teams all had players of National note contained within them.  Also the same team: Rod Franks, Kevin Higgins, Howard Stubbings, Dhun Daji,Jim Morris, Jenny Morris, Bill White, Joyce White did brilliantly beating our other Manchester based clubs (including Manchester Bridge Club) in qualifying for this event in the Gazette Cup.
Last updated : 15th Jun 2008 11:15 GMT
Duplimated Boards

Final Result of the poll of members was:

 In Favour  74
 Against  33
 Undecided  12
 No preference  33
 No reply  13

It was agreed at the AGM that all members would be further balloted with a straightforward "Yes" or "No" vote in mid-August when their subscriptions become due.  A show of hands of members at the AGM resulted in 16 votes against duplimated boards and 31 in favour.

Last updated : 14th Jun 2008 17:15 GMT