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2010 News
Change of sit-out pair
At a recent committee meeting on Monday 27th September 2010, it was agreed that when there is a half table that E/W will in future become the sit-out pair.
Ballot Result
A ballot was held as part of membership renewal to vote on whether members wanted duplimated boards on Wednesday nights.  The result was 45 votes for and 56 votes against with the remaining members not providing a vote.  The committee meeting on Monday 27th September confirmed this result and have decided not to reintroduce duplimated boards.
Gazette Cup provisional team selection

We now have a provisional team of  8 to represent Bramhall in the Gazette Cup at Altrincham Bridge Club on Sunday 23rd January 2011.

Joyce and Bill White, Kevin Higgins and Richard Sinton, Howard Stubbings and Dhun Daji, Jenny and Jim Morris.

We would still like to invite other members to offer themselves for selection to the team.

Chairman's Evenings

A reminder that the Chairmanís Evenings will take place on Wednesday 15th December 2010 and Friday 17th December 2010 at 7.00pm.

I hope you will join me for a convivial glass of wine, mince pies and complimentary bridge.   A normal bridge evening will follow with the usual start about 7.30.

I look forward to seeing you. 
Julia Bannister

Winners of the Thomas Plate

The results of Friday's team event (11 teams participated) held on 22nd October was:

  1. Team 6 : Christine Benson, Mike Parr, Richard Acaster and Geoff Barlow (100 points)
  2. Team 10 : Linda Williams, Betty Gannon, Jackie Conlen and June Hartey (35 points)

Well done to the winners.

Wales Trophy for Mixed Pairs
Congratulations to Pauline Lang and David Pennington for winning the first trophy of the season, the Wales Trophy for Mixed Pairs, on Wednesday 21st July.  Bill and Joyce White were runners-up.  Also, well done to Peter & Michelle and Andrea & David who finished 3rd and 4th.

 Position  Mixed Pair
1 Pauline Lang & David Pennington
 2 Bill & Joyce White
 3 Peter McWhirter & Michelle Bovensiepen 58.01%
 4 Andrea O'Rafferty & David Murray
 5 Keith & Sylvia Waide
David Berrisford & Pat Burrows
Mary Costagliola & Rod Franks
Liz Dunckley & Peter Hatton
Caryl Bloch & John Bird
Geoffrey Barlow & Dawn Hodgkinson
 11 Jenny & Jim Morris
 12= Marian Moulds & Dieter Salden
 12= Gillian McMullan & Neil Thomas
 14= Julia Bannister & Howard Stubbings
 14= Inder & Surinder Sethi
 16 Steve Mattinson & Jill Roe
 17 Richard Acaster & Christine Benson
 18 Joan Nolan & Steve Green
 19 Rodney Inglesfield & Lesley Hubbard

New Calendar
A new calendar of events has now been produced by the newly elected committee.  A programme for 2010-2011 will be available shortly for collection from the club.
Pay to Play
The committee has agreed to increase the table money on Fridays to £2 for members and £4 for visitors from Friday 2nd April.  Also, to comply with the rules of Pay to Play, it has been agreed that Saturday bridge will no longer be a part of Bramhall Bridge Club from 1st April but will be a separately organised group under Bramhall Village Club..
Bramhall team for Garden Cities Trophy
The Bramhall team that will be representing Manchester County at the Regional Finals of the Garden Cities Trophy at Bradford Bridge Club on Saturday 22nd May will be Jim & Jenny Morris, Bill & Joyce White, Kevin Higgins & Frank Brown and Fred Bell (captain) & John Roberts.  Bramhall Bridge Club qualified by winning the Gazette Trophy on Sunday 24th January at Altrincham Bridge Club.  Good luck to the team.
Cantor Cup Success
Congratulations to Bramhall's Andrea O'Rafferty who along with with Ann Thomson were winners of the 2010 Cantor Cup at Altrincham Bridge Club.
Gambrill Trophy winners
The committee has decided to award the Gambrill Trophy jointly to Christine Benson & Barbara Kidwell, and Geoffrey Barlow & Dawn Hodgkinson.
Teams of Four Championship Winners
11 teams competed for the rearranged Teams of Four Championship held on Wednesday 10th February and congratulations go to the winners who were Fred Bell, Pauline Lang, Steve Mattinson & David Pennington.  The final results have been uploaded as usual.
Barbara's Bowl Winners
22 pairs competed in the Barbara's Bowl held on Friday 5th February 2010 and congratulations go to the winners who were Alan Parry & Peter Stanbra.