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Club Rules
This page has information about the rules of the club discussed at committee meetings.
Players are asked to be seated 5 minutes before the start.  Latecomers may be included or excluded at the discretion of the Director.
Last updated : 15th Jun 2008 07:33 GMT

In order to reduce noise levels :-

With immediate effect our club will no longer announce weak NT opening bids of 12-14 points.  Any other strength 1NT opening bid mini or strong will be alerted.

Decision - Committee Meeting 1st September 2009.

Last updated : 11th Oct 2010 21:12 BST

Members are expected to help with returning equipment to the cupboard and load used crockery into the dishwasher.

Last updated : 27th Jun 2009 21:36 GMT
The director should be called to resolve any issues or disputes arising from the bidding or play. Players must not allocate penalties themselves.  Remember that calling the director should not be seen as an aggressive action but as a natural appeal to a referee, as in any sport.
Last updated : 19th Jun 2008 16:57 GMT

The problem of slow play continues and your directors try to be as fair as possible to all but sometimes it may lead to a board not being played and averaged.  The following suggestions have been made to help speed up play:

  1. Don't wait to fill in your card before leading or putting down dummy.
  2. If you are running behind then don't wait and discuss your result.  Just ensure that the score is entered correctly and move on.
Last updated : 15th Jun 2008 10:51 GMT

Georgina - Pairs

This is a competition to find the most consistent pair in the club over the year. The winners are determined as follows:-
a)    The best 8 scores out of the first 12 times each pair play together.
b)    The pair with the highest average wins.

Worthington - Individual

This is a competition to find the most consistent player over the year. The winner is determined as follows:- Each member’s best 12 positions with a maximum of four results with any one partner to count.  In the event of a tie the winner will be decided by the highest average winning percentage.

Wearing Trophy

This competition is a Pairs Rubber Bridge Knock-out.  Entry notices are on the notice boards.  Details are available from the organiser, Ross Worthington

Steadman Trophy

The Steadman Trophy replaces the Chairman's Trophy and will be awarded to the highest ascender from their previous year's average.  It will not be awarded to someone who has also won a major competition for the year.

Last updated : 29th Sep 2013 10:53 BST


 Monday Members £2.50 Visitors £3.50
 Wednesday Members £2.50 Visitors £5.00

Visitors are allowed to visit the club a maximum of 6 times in any one year.  Visitors may play in competitions but are ineligible for trophies and prizes.

Sumultaneous events are £5.50 for members and £8.00 for visitors.

Juniors £1.00

Last updated : 19th Apr 2017 17:52 BST

Visitors who wish to become Members have to complete a membership form which is to be displayed on the club notice board for a minimum of 3 weeks in order for members to see.  If any objections to any prospective member are received then these will be referred to a committee meeting of at least 5 members to decide whether or not to accept the application.  A one off joining fee of £5 is charged for membership along with the annual subscription of £24 (or £16 if joining after 1st January).  Membership renewal is from 1st September.

Last updated : 13th Jul 2014 17:00 BST
When there is a half table then E/W will become the sit out pair.  This change was agreed at the committee meeting held on Monday 27th September 2010.
Last updated : 1st Oct 2010 20:53 BST
The last round must be called by 10:40 pm.
Last updated : 17th Jun 2008 17:46 GMT