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To avoid confusion and to maintain good relations with neighbouring clubs, it has been decided to change the name of the new club to the second choice in the ballot.

The new club will be called BRIDGE CENTRE SK.


Welcome to Bramhall Village Bridge Club
Tuesday Morning Bridge Session
Tuesday Morning Bridge Session

This is an easy friendly bridge session on Tuesday mornings starting at 10:00 am and ending at 12:30.  It is in the downstairs room. The session is run by volunteers including Doris Kirwan, Julia Bannister, Steve Mattinson, Mel Pelham, Howard Stubbings, June Somekh and Anne Whitehead. Table money is £2.50.  All are welcome and the session is hosted so there is no need to bring a partner.

Monday Afternoon Session

The Monday Afternoon session runs from 1.30 PM to 4.30 PM. It is open to both members and visitors (£2.50 & £5.00 respectively), Master points awarded, no partner necessary.

Chairman's Report - Steering Group Initiatives

Following today’s successful steering group meeting, I wanted to keep you informed of the progress we’re making and, hopefully, enlist your help.


From now on, both CHBC and BVBC are offering reciprocal bridge at normal members’ rates at all their sessions. This means BVBC members can play at Mellor Road on Monday, Tuesday and Friday (hosted) evenings for £3. CHBC members can play at Lumb Lane on Monday (hosted) afternoons and Wednesday evenings for £2.50. 


Are you experienced by profession or otherwise with regard to planning publicity and events, designing promotions, website content and such like? If you can help, we need your imagination and contributions as we join with CHBC in our new bridge centre. We will deliver a full range of bridge activities - duplicates, teaching, supervised play, special events, matches etc. Please let me know if you can bring your skill to bear in our new exciting venture.


Volunteers  are always required to help both now, and in the future at Lumb Lane. Particularly we are looking for host/directors on a Monday afternoon. This session always has been hosted and that is one of the reasons why it has been so successful. Two host/directors recently have retired and I am now in charge of organising the rota. From June 24th onwards, the hosting of Monday afternoons is in jeopardy. Please help if you can. Contact me at or 07788 577535.


We shall be organising a General Meeting of the new club to appoint the new committee or board. If you wish to stand, please contact myself or Alec Smalley. Posts to fill include Publicity Officer (see above) and Welfare Officer.

Partner Service

If you need a partner for Wednesday evening, please write your name on the partnership desk poster at the club, or contact  Ross Worthington (0161 439 8359) or email who will try to find you a partner. The Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning sessions are hosted so no need to bring a partner.

Representing Bramhall Bridge Club

If any member wishes to represent the club in an inter-club tournament, such as the Nicko or Gazette Trophy, please contact one of the committee or write your name on the list on the noticeboard.

Wednesday Evening Duplicate
Tuesday Bridge
Monday Afternoon Duplicate
Wednesday Evening Duplicate
Tuesday Bridge
Monday Afternoon Duplicate
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Monday Afternoon Duplicate
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Tuesday Bridge
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