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History of The Bradshaw Bridge Club.

Arnold Bradshaw founded "The Bradshaw Bridge Club" in January 1992 for the benefit of students at his (ten) classes in the Reading/Wokingham area.


He had hosted a Christmas party for students, at Maiden Place in December 1991 and a cross section from all of his classes attended.

That Christmas party was, in a way, the start. Many of those present, later came to the inaugural meeting of the club on April 28th 1992 and joined. It met on every Tuesday evening, and on 6th October 1992, a regular Wednesday afternoon meeting was introduced.

Arnold ran the club for eight years, eventually handing over to its members on July 1 2000.

Marion & Mike Fleming, Lyn Holman, and Gail & Malcolm Houghton kindly agreed to manage the club until May 2001, when they were formally elected as its first committee.

The club:-
· Very quickly had (successful) teams in the local Bracknell league.
· Was among the first to have its own web site.
· Held an "Away weekend" (Winchester) in about 1996 that has become an annual event, at various venues.

Arnold created the original Website for the Club: indeed it was one of the first club websites around.