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News Archive
Online Casual Swiss Pairs - Final Round

Round 5 - Completed 24th December

VPs Home Pair     Away Pair VPs
4 Linda Stone & Phil Watts v Irene Krantz & Jonathan Hughes 16
12 Tom Wright & Mary France v Dorothy Pennington & Krystna Krzeckowska 8
13 David Twells & David Potter v Richard Rees & Val Rees 7
11 Phil Anstock & Steve Clark v Jennifer Parker & Pam Smith 9
2 June Green & Jenny Kinton v Azam Khan & Tony Cordery 18
11 Peter Wells & Steve Wright v Diana Bowden & Pauline Dignan 9
5 Michael Jones & Julie Jones v Anne Morris & Lucy Pathan 15
2 Judith Mitton & Peter Finch v Anne Wright & Michael Mahoney 18
16 Halina Hughes & Sandra Middleditch v Ray Newman & Penny Hodgson 4
8 Sarah Gilbert & Lynda Dunne v Terry Stevenson & Gail Tillen 12
11 Jill Bentley & Helen Catermole v Jim Wilkinson & Kate Hammond 9

Final Leaderboard

Position Pair VPs
1 Irene Krantz & Jonathan Hughes 71
2 Tom Wright & Mary France 64
- Linda Stone & Phil Watts 64
4 David Twells & David Potter 61
5 Azam Khan & Tony Cordery 60
6 Dorothy Pennington & Krystyna Krzeczkowska 57
- Phil Anstock & Steve Clark 57
8 Richard Rees & Val Rees 55
9 Jennifer Parker & Pam Smith 53
10 Halina Hughes & Sandra Middleditch 52
11 Anne Morris & Lucy Pathan 51
12 Peter Wells & Steve Wright 50
13 Anne Wright & Michael Mahoney 49
14 Diana Bowden & Pauline Dignan 47
15 June Green & Jenny Kinton 45
16 Terry Stevenson & Gail Tillen 40
- Michael Jones & Julie Jones 40
18 Ray Newman & Penny Hodgson 38
- Jill Bentley & Helen Cattermole 38
20 Judith Mitton & Peter Finch 37
21 Sarah Gilbert & Lynda Dunne 36
22 Jim Wilkinson & Kate Hammond 35

Steve Wright - Tournament Secretary - 24th December 2021

  • Summer Pairs

    The Summer Pairs competition starts on Wednesday July 6th and is the best four scores during July and August on Wednesday Afternoons. There is also 9-High Summer Pairs for those players whose ranknng is NGS 9 and below.

  • Bradgate Plate

    This is the best 3 out of 4 scores on Mondays in July

  • Hercock Trophy

    This is the best 3 out of 4 scores on Mondays in August.

Face-to-face bridge is back

Twelve and a half tables for our first session back play face-to-face bridge at the newly refurbrished Rothley Centre was a welcome sight. Pretty good considering it was half term week as well. We look forward to growing the numbers back up to pre-Covid levels where we were averaging about fifteen and a half tables.

Not only did we get a chance to chat with people we'd not seen for ages, we had a few new faces, some of whom are now members.

Chairman Ray had the pleasure of welcoming everybody to what was his first face-to-face session as Chairman - he's over half-way through his three-year term of office - and offered everone a glass of non-alcholic fizz and a slice of cake.

Wednesday face-to-face bridge starts at 2pm on June 8th.

  • The Rothley Centre

    We are back at the Rothley Centre on Mondays from 30th May and Wednesdays from 8th June.

  • Online Bridge

    Our BBO Online Sessions have now stopped. Our club sessions are Face-to-Face only..

    Loughborough Bridge Club and County Bridge Club are still running some online sessions. Please see their websites for details.
Wednesday Pairs - 17th January - Arrow Switch


The movement had an arrow switch on the final two round. Unfornately one pair wasn't listening to the TDs instructions and did an arrow switch when they shouldn't have done. This affected boards 1 and 2. We have now corrected the traveller so that offenmding pairs have been allocated the correct scores.

Latest Results

17th January 2024





There will be a delay in getting this afternoon's results out. 

Your director left two of the travellers in the boards, and so can't complete the scoring until they have been recovered from the Rothley Centre when it opens tomorrow - sorry!


Congratulations to Graham Kendal & Debbie Pullen, who scored an astonishing 78% on yesterday's Wednesday afternoon session - a stonking performance :)