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Play & Learn News
Play & Learn News

At last a decent coffee machine!

Yep. Got them in Bath too.

We have tablet scoring. 

In Bath, too. Same.

'Gentle Duplicate'
Gentle Duplicate on Tuesday afternoons

Starting on September 28 2010, you are invited to play Gentle Duplicate on Tuesday afternoons at Box Pavilion. All players are welcome, but the sessions will be particularly suitable for players who have limited or no experience of playing in bridge clubs. As our article explains, (Home page, top right: Friendly is the key for new bridge club in Box), the emphasis will be firmly on having an enjoyable time and helping players gain experience and confidence in a friendly, supportive environment.

The session will start in the early afternoon, initially at 1.45, and there will be a full afternoon's play of around 22-24 boards, a qualified English Bridge Union director (most of the time), and the results will be posted on this website.

In addition, we will offer guidance for less experienced players during the sessions themselves, on this website and in paper-based materials. This will include the nuts and bolts of duplicate play, including scoring and basic tactics, and we will also actively be guiding players towards 'proper' bridge club procedures, promoting the EBU's Best Behaviour guidelines, doing the right thing when things go wrong (as they will from time to time!), and encouraging players to make use of convention cards (which explain to their opponents the system they are using). All within a friendly, non-threatening environment which has 'No Rudeness' as its number 1 rule.

Effectively, we are forming a Bridge Club in Box, which you are invited to join!

Gentle Duplicate

Suitable for: Improvers and Social Duplicate Players

Time: Tuesday afternoons, 1.45-5.00 (or thereabouts)
including a break for tea/coffee and biscuits.

Membership: 10 per annum (this may include membership of the English Bridge Union - see below)

Cost: 2.50 per session for members (includes refreshments)
3.50 for non-members

Partners: We hope to set up a partnering service.

If you would be interested in becoming a founder member, or if you would like to find out more, please click here or call Chris Jones on 07740 150 721.

EBU Membership At the time of writing, it is undecided whether the Club should be affiliated to the English Bridge Union. The current plan is first to get up and running, and later to discuss the various pros and cons with the membership and make a collective decision.