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We have tablet scoring. 

Play and learn
Play & Learn - Assisted Play for Improvers



Once you've mastered the basics of bridge, you need an extended opportunity to consolidate what you've learned in a safe, friendly environment – with help at hand when you need it.
Play & Learn provides exactly that. You're playing duplicate bridge, but you can ask for help at any time, whether it's bidding, declarer play or defence. And if you've made a mistake (don't we all?) you can always 'rewind' and have another try.
All the while, you'll also be getting a gentle introduction to the little matters of etiquette and fair play that will prepare you for the exciting world of 'real' duplicate bridge that awaits you.

The 14 hands we play each week have recently been played at Bath Bridge Club, so we can compare our results with theirs and see how we did. After the session our results, together with the hands, are posted on the website, and we also pick a hand with a useful teaching point and feature it as 'hand of the week' on the website. (See the Improvers' page for some examples.)

We also have a range of titles in the EBU's useful Really Easy series for loan and sale.





Play & Learn

Suitable for: Improvers

Time: Wednesday mornings, 9.30-12.15
including a break for tea/coffee & biscuits

Cost: £5 per session, including refreshments

Partners: Come with a partner if you wish. Otherwise, we'll provide one.

Enrolment: There is no enrolment - you just turn up.


Contact us

If you want to know more about Play & Learn, click
or call Chris Jones on 07740 150 721.