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A copy of the Constitution is available in the Governance menu.


It is the policy of the Club to attract players of all skills, encouraging a friendly and non-aggressive atmosphere.

  Playing Regulations

The Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge (2007) apply. A copy is available for perusal.


Courtesy to opponents and partners alike, coupled with quiet and quick play will enhance the enjoyment of all players. Knowledge of, and adherence to the laws of bridge ensures fairness and promotes harmony. Friendliness and good fellowship are high priorities in this Club.


The “Standard American” system is commonly used by players. However as there are many variants and optional conventions, it is incumbent on all players to alert their opponents if any bid below 3NT requires explanation. Equally, players at their turn to call, should query the bidder’s partner if they are at all uncertain as to the meaning of a bid.

  Irregularities During Play

During the auction or during play, whenever an irregularity or a breach of rules has occurred or may have occurred, the Director must be called. The Director is required under the Laws to explain the options and possible penalties to offenders and non-offenders. Problems shall not be discussed or settled between players except in the presence of the Director. Examination of quitted tricks to see whether a revoke may or may not have occurred may take place only on the instruction of the Director.

  Scoring Irregularities

If there is an apparent irregularity in the scoring, except in the matter of vulnerability, the Director cannot alter the score without consultation with all players concerned.


writing “?” on the traveller is useless;

call the Director!

  Dummy’s Role

Dummy may not call attention to suspected irregularities, or do anything to indicate a possible line of play.