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Conditions of Contests

Most competitions have now resumed

Competition Conditions of Contest 

The Nancy Beament Trophy - Club Championship Pairs:

The winners of the Club Championship Pairs competition will be the pair with the highest average percentage score between 1 April & 31 March. If there are fewer than 8 full tables at any sessions, the result for that session will not count. Should there be a tie; the winners who have the highest percentage score during the competition will become the Champions.

Each partnership pair must be full members of the Bourne Bridge Club, Farnham and must play together at least eight times on Monday or Thursday duplicate evenings to qualify.

The winning pair will represent the Bourne Bridge Club, Farnham in the Mary Edwards Cup which is the SCBA final for Club Pairs Championship winners. If the winning pair is not able to play on that day, the competition runners up will be invited to represent the club.

The Hutton Trophy

The Hutton Shield is awarded to the pair which attains the highest percentage score on Monday or Thursday duplicate pairs’ evenings in the period 1 April to 31 March. Both players must be full members of the Bourne Bridge Club, Farnham. In the event of a tie, the trophy will be shared by the winners for an equal period until next awarded.

Daphne Baker Trophy

The Daphne Baker Trophy is awarded to the individual who shows the biggest improvement in performance on Monday or Thursday duplicate pairs’ evenings during the period 1 April to 31 March. The winner will be calculated by comparing individual positions at the end of the preceding year to those of the current year – Members can view their current individual score by going to “Competitions” on the Club website. The final results at the end of March are compared with last year’s results of the same period. Players eligible for this competition must have played a minimum of 10 times. In the event of a tie, the trophy will be shared for an equal period until next awarded

Chairman’s Cup for Championship Teams

The Club Championship Teams Competition is open to full members of the Bourne Bridge Club, Farnham. Each team will consist of four players and the competition will be played over two rounds.

The Championship Teams Competition will be held on dates to be specified in the autumn.

The first round will be a qualifying round and is to be played in a multiple teams’ format to determine teams to go through to the Final:

  • If more than sixteen teams compete, the qualifying round will be divided into two sections and two pairs from each section will go through to the final;
  • If eight teams or more, but not more than sixteen teams, contest the preliminary round, then the top four teams will go through to contest the final;
  • If fewer than eight teams contest the qualifying round of the event, then only the top two teams will go through to the final.

When eight teams or more contest the qualifying round and there is a tie for fourth place, the actual score between the two tied teams will decide who goes through. Should that also be a tie, they should arrange to have a 24-board match play-off. After the qualifying round, the four winning teams will go forward to a play-off in the Bridge Room.

Should one or two of those four qualifying teams be unable to play on the date set for the final the other teams will contest the final. In this case the final may be played between three or as few as two teams.

Should a team winning through to the final be unable to field a full team of four players because of illness or emergency it may seek to include no more than one member of the Bridge Section to be a reserve and make up a full complement. The inclusion of the reserve will be subject to the agreement of the other team or teams winning through to the final. The reserve must not have played for a different team in the qualifying round, and other teams may wish to object if for example they regard the reserve as clearly being a stronger player than the one replaced. If following an objection the two teams are unable to reach agreement on the merits of the case, the issue must be submitted to the Chairman of the Committee for his or her final decision.

If two original members of a team are not able to play in the Final, that team will not be allowed to compete. The Final will then be contested by the teams that have qualified and are able to field full teams; that could mean that the Final will be contested by three or as few as two teams that qualified.

Should there be a tie for first place in the final; the Championship Teams’ winners will be decided by the result of the two winning teams’ scores against each other. If both teams have also tied in that match, then they should arrange a further 24-board match play-off between themselves, as soon as possible.

The winning team will represent the Bourne Club in the Wanborough Cup which is the SCBA final for Club Championship Team winners. If the Club’s winning team is not able to play on that day, the runners-up will be invited to represent the Club.

Winter League for Teams of Six or Eight

This is an informal, sociable competition with matches played mainly in players’ homes at mutually convenient times. It is open to both full and off-peak members and affords a good opportunity for the two groups to mix and get to know each other. Four members of a team take part in each match, so each team member is not required to play in every match. IMP scores are used in matches which are converted on a Victory Point scale. When the final results have been received, should there be a tie for first place, a play off will take place to determine the overall winner.

The Winter League will commence during September and entries must be received by 15 August. All matches are played on average once a month and must be finished before the AGM.

Annual Prize Giving

Trophies and Prizes for all events will be presented at the Club AGM.