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Find a Partner
Find a Partner

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Chairman's Newsletter
Chairman's Newsletter

Chairman's Newsletter – Autumn 2019

During our clearout of the Bridge cupboard, I was interested to come across notes relating to the development of Bridge at the Bourne Club. Bill Friggens, who became the first chairman of the new duplicate section in 1994, is credited with being instrumental in driving the rapid development of Bridge at the Bourne Club into its current form.  He and his committee were particularly keen to ensure that the game was played in comfort, all levels or grades of player should feel welcome and bad manners or rudeness (which he described as ‘unfortunately all too common in many clubs’) should not be tolerated.

Bridge is, by its nature, a competitive game but the Bourne Club Bridge Section retains the atmosphere of a social evening and we remain committed to the principles laid down in Bill’s note of 2004, endorsed at the 2005 AGM, which ends ‘ABOVE ALL IT SHOULD BE A PLEASURABLE SOCIAL EVENT’.

You may be interested in our attendance in the first nine months of this year which shows a noticeable increase in players overall, almost 5%, compared to last year. The longer-term statistics, of course, show a significant decline but I would like to think that the atmosphere at the club has a part to play in this recent increase. So our thanks to Bill and his committee, many of whom still make an important contribution to our club, for setting the tone for the club we know today.

Find a Partner

Marion Chipperfield has decided to stand down from being the focal point for ‘FaP’.  No one can quite remember how long she has been doing this but I should like to thank her warmly on behalf of all those who have used her service over the years.  Marion has kindly agreed to continue until we have our new email-based system up and running very soon.  Sue Higgins will be the focal point and we will get the details out to members very soon.

Hosted Evenings and Teams

We have held several of these over the last 18 months or so in an attempt to attract new members. Sadly, they have not been well supported so we will be reverting to our programme of Teams evenings on the 5th Monday or Thursday.  It was good to see 13 teams for the evening in July and we hope to see a similar attendance for the Championship Teams on October 31st.

 Winter League

The Winter league is up and running with 7 teams and our thanks to Sue Higgins for getting it all together.  Many players look forward to this as a pleasant, sociable event, with half-time refreshments a highlight when we get to know our members a little better. If you have not considered it before, please think about giving it a try next year.

Upcoming Events

In line with feedback from members we have reduced the number of charity events to 3 or 4 per year. The next one is the Children in Need evening on Monday 11th November at which the suggested donation is £3 per player. I see that over £75,000 was donated by Bridge players all over the country in the equivalent event last year and the total, since it began in 2002, is over £1,030,000!

The Christmas party will be on Monday 16th December when we hope to enjoy an evening of a few laughs and good refreshment

Friday ‘No Fears’ -from Lorrie Otway

I am pleased to say that Friday No-Fears has gone from strength to strength and now has an average of 7 tables an evening.     Although there are a number of regular players who come simply because they enjoy an evening of more relaxed bridge, others are keen to improve and gradually move to the Monday/Thursday sessions once they feel they have gained sufficient confidence and experience.    As bridge has a fearsome reputation, my aim has been to keep the sessions as inviting and friendly as possible, while ensuring people play when they wouldn’t otherwise have a partner through my ‘Looking for a Partner’ service.    So far it’s worked and, as our sessions are shorter than Mon/Thurs, we are then able to support the club by making the barman’s late shift worthwhile!

Directors’ Notes - from Mike Tettenborn

At a meeting in early October your Directors agreed to prepare a revised welcome sheet for New Members of the Bridge Section. This will continue to promote our concept of Competitive but Friendly Bridge – indicating ways in which all members can support this approach.

Once this is finalised, it will be circulated to all members (Old and New). We would suggest that all members should read this, as we would like to see a consistent approach throughout the section. This will cover a number of points that have been raised with directors recently.

In the meantime we would like to remind members that we allow 7 minutes per board to be played. You will find this easy to keep to if :-

a. you delay writing down the contract until the first lead has been made.

b. you do not discuss the first hand until completion of the second hand (or third hand if 3 boards per round) – and then only when time allows.

c. you avoid spending too long on reviewing other results.

We would also remind players of the importance of calling the Director at an early stage if there are any issues. The directors are there to help, not to ‘punish’.

We have agreed to continue with the Hesitation Mitchell Movement for 10 ½ tables until the AGM, where they will be an opportunity to review this and to discuss whether this should also be used for 11 full tables.

A Final Word

Thanks are due to the many people who help our club to run smoothly, but can I please count on your support in some ongoing housekeeping:

  • The Bridge cupboard has been cleared, reorganised and tidied (with thanks to Steve Burton) and the trolley will shortly also be re-sorted. Please help us keep these tidy.
  • Room prep is a necessary task each session and I am grateful to those who regularly do the job, but can I ask everyone to please take your turn. With about 50 regular players and 8 sessions per month it would not be too onerous.