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Find a Partner
Find a Partner

Contact Sue Higgins by e-mail -
Sue will circulate to all members who've signed up. They will contact you by e-mail (not telephone)
if they can accept.



 A message from our Chairman, Mike Tettenborn

COVID has triggered many changes in society in general. Bridge has not been immune to this.

The expansion of On-line Bridge, the continued maturing of some of our members, the appreciation that ‘lock down’ reduced illnesses in general and that playing on-line avoided going out on cold winter nights have all affected the enthusiasm for returning to Face to Face Bridge.


Despite this our club feels that it is important that we should offer a mixture of both Face to Face and On-line Bridge, if at all possible. To this end we are offering a session of Face to Face Bridge on Thursday 12th. May, starting at 7.00 pm, at the Wey Church in Red Lion Lane, Farnham . (Please park in the Maltings Car park - the church is a 4-5 minute walk away). It will help to know the numbers coming - please e-mail:


We continue to offer On Line Bridge.


On a Monday there is a joint session with Farnham Bridge Club on Realbridge (sign on between 7.15 - 7.25 for a 7.30 st art) and gets between 11-16 tables. The charge for this is £1.50 per session (currently no annual subscription). This session is eligible for EBU ranking/master points.


On a Thursday there is a session on BCL in our own ‘Club Room’. The charge is 0.55 p. per session ( you will also need to pay a subscription to BCL ). It is unlikely that this will be viable on 12th. May.

For further details contact





On Monday evenings, a joint Duplicate Pairs session with Farnham BC will begin on RealBridge on January 10th. You do not need to subscribe to RealBridge but there will be a £1.50 charge per player per session and you will receive an emailed link allowing you to join the session. Further details shortly


As above, if you have any questions or comments you would like to make, please get in touch with me.

Congratulations to Sue Higgins Team on winning the Winter League.


Mike Tettenborn



Team Members Winter League
Team 1   - Captain Chris Lewis with Steve Burton, Peter Warren, Mary Davis, Philippa Hutton & Carol May.
Team 2  - Captain Hilary Havelock with Janet Bowden, Sue Boyle, Margaret Dunbar & David Havelock
Team 3  - Captain Shuna King with Kevin King,Mary Calvert, Una Hanslip, Stephanie Coxon & Mo Pownall.
Team 4  - Captain Sue Higgins with Derek Gittins, Susan Taylor, Yvette Bailey & reserve Pam Franklin.
Team 5  - CaptainJanice Hambly, with Prim Penny, Jean & Erik Bjornsgaard, Anne Buckingham & Jacqui Murphy.
Team 6  - Captain Ian Murray with Derek Payne, Rosemary Wilson & Barbara Awbery with reserve John Bryant.
Team 7  - Withdrawn due to ill health
Team 8  - Captain Jeny de Gaye, Belinda Cooper, John Oliver, Jane Elliott & reserve Diana Nairn.
Team 9  - Captain Mike Osborne with Lynda Osborne, Mike Tettenborn, Anna Holmes, Chris Tibbott & Maggie Ingham.
Team 10 - Captain Barrie Cavell with Christine Dean(Mendips) Doug Dungate & Jeni Benham, and Annette Dungate
Team 11 - Captain Aidan Heathcote with Ed Watts, Sara Rose, Lorna Whateley, Dave Wright & Joan Hynes.
Face to Face (F2F) Bridge comes to the Bourne Club




Enter the Club at 7.15 pm to be ready to play at 7.30 pm

Members will have received an email from the Chairman with instructions on how to join the F2F.

Please enter the club at 7.15 pm or shortly after, 'Start a table', have your partner join you at the table and agree your SSD (convention card).
Play will start promptly at 7.30 pm
We will play 18 boards
Below is the quick link to BCL F2F room
The F2F opens in a separate window click 'Enter the bridge Club'
If an error message is received open your Bridge Club Live 'Welcome Page'
and then click on above link
Bridge ClubLive
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Wey Church Face to Face
Director: Ian
Scorer: Ian
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Thu 26th May 2022
Mon 30th May 2022