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Find a Partner

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Surrey County Bridge Association

The Surrey County Bridge Association seeks to publicise the Bridge events of Surrey Clubs, neighbouring Counties and local charity Bridge events. For further information go to


As the 2020 Bridge Section AGM has had to be postponed I am pleased to announce the winners of the 2019/2020 Bridge Section competitions:

Nancy Beament Pairs: Ian Rae & Susan Taylor

Hutton Shield:  Helen Mitchell & Tony Philpott

Daphne Baker Trophy:   Maddy Tubb

Chairman’s Cup for Championship Teams of Four: Ian & Loraine Rae, Derek Payne & Ian Murray

Winter Teams League Sue Higgins, Derek Gittins, Susan Taylor, Yvette Bailey, Annette & Doug Dungate

Many congratulations to all concerned and I hope that it won’t be too long before we are all playing bridge in the Club.

Chris Lewis, Chairman.


Good afternoon all

Whilst play in our local bridge clubs is suspended, many of us who will be missing the enjoyment of duplicate bridge and may like to play on-line   It would also be great if we could play with and against other members of the Bourne Club as we are used to on Monday and Thursday evenings.

Bridge Club Live is an online club, is UK based, has strong standards of behaviour and ethics and many members play Benji/Acol.    Several members of the Bourne Club already play on which is offering a 30-day Trial for the princely sum of £1 (normally £10) after which it costs £5.99 a month.  If there is sufficient interest, we could set up a virtual club and agree a regular weekly event time. 

For those used to playing duplicate Match Pointed pairs there is a Daily Match Pointed Pairs Room where one can play up to 96 boards every day with auto-movement every 4 boards. Affectionately known as DIDO, short for Drop In-Drop Out, you only commit to play 4 boards at a time but can return whenever you like. You can arrange to play with your normal Face to Face partner if you are both members. There are no robots and the site is well policed so quitting and abuse are not tolerated. One can also play Teams in the Teams of Four Room arranging to play in a team against another team for an 8-board match.

EBU members can also earn Master Points in the DIDO Room.  Alternatively, you can just arrange to play as a group of four just sitting with your friends.

Benji Acol, Standard American and Basic Acol are the most common systems played, but anything at EBU Level 4 is allowed. To play in the competitive rooms you and your partner must complete a 5-line Simple Systems Disclosure card (a mini convention card) with your partner before you play. Hand records are available after you have played and you can even see how everyone else bid and played each hand.

Each day for the DIDO room a ladder is produced showing you scores from the day before. New from today is a club dedicated ladder which will be produced just for the Bourne Bridge Club. Note, however, that in the Match Pointed Pairs Room you will have played against people from all over the world. 

To register with BCL go to Once you have registered go to the Library section on our Website where we have posted a very helpful guide “How to play at BCL”. However please DON’T use the phone no. on the document as it belongs to Gillian of Liskeard Bridge Club who produced this super guide and to whom we are grateful for allowing us to use it.

The EBU is also starting online bridge using the American website BBO where joining is free but one plays a $1 fee for each tournament you play. Another site that has a number of free facilities  is Funbridge at

Tony Philpott has offered to help club members who wish to join and try Bridge Club Live.  Contact him at on  01252 733785 or 07837 358510.  

If you are already a member of Bridge Club Live, or decide to join, please let me or Tony know and tell us the “Alias” that you will be using.

We hope to start playing next Monday evening and ask members who wish to join us to assemble online at 7.15 pm in the “Teams of Four” Room with or without a pre-arranged partner and will try to get some good bridge going.

Chris Lewis, Chairman



The Bourne Club Bridge Section – known as The Bourne Bridge Club - is a friendly and comfortable place where many of its 130 members will be found enjoying themselves on Monday and Thursday evenings every week. These competitive - but non-confrontational - duplicate sessions start promptly at 7.20 pm and end about 10.30 pm. 

All hands are computer dealt and Bridgemates are used for scoring. All results are posted on our Website immediately after play has finished. The club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union and the "Best Behaviour at Bridge" code of practice is observed as far as is humanly possible by everyone.

Throughout the year Duplicate and Teams competitions are held. Winners qualify to represent the club in Surrey Finals.

On Friday evenings some members of the Bourne Club meet at 7.20 pm for a very relaxed session of ‘No Fear’ bridge.

Prior to applying to join the club potential members may visit the club on up to six times to see if they think that our club might be right for them. At the same time Club Committee members decide if they think that the person applying will fit in generally with the ethos of the club.

Visitors pay a Guest Fee of £1.50 plus £1.00 Table Money. Should they subsequently accept an invitation to join they will be required to pay a one-off Joining Fee of £25 after which the Annual Subscription of £148.00 entitles the member to play in any bridge session at the Bourne Club. Table Money for Members is £1.00 per session on Mondays and Thursdays and just 60p for the relaxed session on Fridays.

To find out more about playing bridge in the friendly atmosphere at the Bourne Club ring the Chairman, Chris Lewis on 01483 502244.

Your Committee
Chairman Chris Lewis Directors Mike Tettenborn (Chairman), Yvette
Bailey, Janice Hambly, Hilary Havelock
Secretary John Oliver Hutton, Derek Payne, Ian Rae,
and Peter Warren
Membership Secretary Sue Boyle
Scorers Margaret Wilkinson, Chris Lewis, Ian
Friday Representative Lorrie Otway Murray, Derek Payne and Ian Rae
Competitions  Secretary Hilary Havelock Duplimate Anne Buckingham, Janice Hambly, 
Maggie Ingham, Elizabeth Simpson
Events Organiser Hilary Havelock and Chris Tibbott
Winter League Sue Higgins Hand Preparation Derek Gittins
Room Preparation Sue Higgins Website Anne Vardon
Find a Partner Sue Higgins Director's Rota Susan Taylor
Co-opted (Jan 2020) Shuna King Table Top Furniture Steve Burton


     Bridge Quiz No 3: 2nd April
                            ♠  Q 6
                              6 5 4 2
                              A K Q 5 2
                            ♣  8 3
   W                                                  E
♠ K 7 2                                        ♠ 8 5 4 3
Q J 10 9 7                                K 8
4                                               J 10 3
♣ Q 10 6 2                                  ♣ J 9 5 4
                           ♠ A J 10 9
                            A 3
                            9 8 7 6
                           ♣ A K 7

An easier one this week I think.
South plays in 3 No Trumps. West leads  Q. East plays  K and you duck. East continues with  8. How do you make the contract?

Solution next Thursday, 9th April

                 smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley


Bridge Quiz No 2: 26th March

                                 ♠ A Q 8 7
                                 5 4
                                  Q 3 2
                                 ♣ A 9 7 3
             W                                     E

            ♠ 2                              ♠ -
             K 10 9 8 3                 Q 7 6
              A J 8                        10 9 6 5 4
            ♣ K Q 10 2                   ♣ J 8 6 5 4
                                ♠ K J 10 9 6 5 4 3
                                  A J 7
                                 K 7
                                ♣ -
South is in 6 Spades. West leads ♣K. Can you make the contract? Answer next week


Solution to Bridge Quiz No 2

You have 8 spade tricks, 1 Heart trick and 1 Club trick so you need two more tricks.  Diamonds come to the rescue.

Duck the ♣K in Dummy and trump it in hand and then draw the singleton trump from West in hand.  Now play ♦7 from hand (Key Play).  If West takes it with the ♦A, then your King and Queen of diamonds provide the two extra tricks.  If West ducks ♦7, take it in Dummy with ♦Q, then play ♣A to discard the ♦K in hand.  Now you are left with only one small heart loser in Dummy.  Whatever West does with ♦7 you make 12 tricks.

                 smiley   smiley   smiley    smiley     

Bridge Quiz No 1, 19th March

                              ♠ 10 9 8 3
                              ♣ A Q 7 6 4 3 2
              W                                      E
         ♠ J 7 5                              ♠ 4
           K 9 6 2                         J 10 7 4
           K Q 10 5                         J 9 7 4 2
         ♣ J 8                                 ♣ K 10 9
                              ♠ A K Q 6 2
                               A Q 8 5
                               A 8 3
                              ♣ 5
West leads  K against South’s contract of 6 Spades. How can you make this contract against the unfavourable position of ♣K?


For those of you who have not solved last Thursday’s puzzle here is the solution.

You can make ♥A and ♦A plus 5 tricks in clubs in Dummy.  Therefore, you have to make 5 out of your 9 trumps using them to ruff 2 clubs and get to dummy to enjoy the rest.  Here is how you can do it.

Win ♦A in hand and cross to ♣A and ruff a club high.  Now lead a low trump from hand.  When West takes ♠J, you have two entries in dummy - one to set up the rest of the clubs and one to get back to run them. 

Declarer makes 5 Spades, 1 Heart, 1 Diamond and 5 Clubs

Winter Teams League 2019-20

Final Placings:

1st - Sue Higgins' team

2nd - Chris Lewis' team

3rd - Mo Pownall's team

4th - John Oliver's team

5th - Mike Tettenborn's team

6th - Peter Bailey's team

7th - Philippa Hutton's team

Congratulations to Sue's team and to all concerned, commiserations to Chris' team who were pipped at the post.

Duplicate Pairs
Director: Hilary Havewlock
Scorer: Ian Rae Z 18
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Ian Rae
Scorer: Margaret Deal Z15
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Mike Tettenborn
Scorer: Margaret Z16
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Yvette
Scorer: Derek Deal Z14
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Hilary Havelock
Scorer: Ian Rae Z 13