Bourne Bridge Club
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Forthcoming dates

Following Government guidelines, all bridge sessions at the Masonic Centre & other events are cancelled until further notice.

We are now playing bridge online using the Bridge Base Online system.


Bourne Bridge Club would like to be able to offer a spare on both sessions.  This is normally possible on a Tuesday,  but for Thursday sessions we are reliant on members signing up to be the spare.   If you do not have a  partner on a Thursday please either  - check to see if we have a spare,  volunteer to be the spare or come along and hope that you'll get to play,  unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed.




1.            NAME:

The name of the club shall be ‘Bourne Bridge Club’, hereinafter called The Club.


2.            OBJECTIVE:

The Objective of The Club is to provide for its members facilities for playing contract bridge, according to the Laws of Duplicate and Contract Bridge (1997).


3.            MANAGEMENT:

a). The management of The Club shall be vested in a general committee (The Committee). The Committee shall comprise a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer (The Officers) and two other members, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of The Club (The AGM) and shall hold office until the next AGM.

      b). Members of the Committee shall be nominated and seconded by any member of the Club and elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  If nominations exceed the vacancies then a ballot shall be held.

       Members of the Committee shall retire at each AGM but be eligible for re-election

c). Should a vacancy on the Committee arise for any reason, the Committee may co-opt a Club member to fill the vacancy.

d) The Committee shall have power to manage the funds and property of The Club. They shall make such rules and regulations, in accordance with this Constitution, as they think fit concerning the organisation of The Club, its activities and competitions provided that a quorum of the committee is present. The quorum is defined as being at least 3 members of the committee.


e). The Committee shall meet at least four times a year. Extra meetings of the Committee may be called if the Chairman and Secretary consider this necessary.


f). The Secretary shall take minutes of the meetings and these shall be kept digitally.


g). At The AGM each year an independent examiner of the accounts shall be appointed, whose duty it shall be to certify the accounts of The Club.


h). The Chairman shall have a casting vote at all General Meetings and at all meetings of the Committee.


4.            MEMBERSHIP:

a) Visitors will be welcomed at the discretion of the Director for that session. After 3 visits a visitor will be eligible for membership.


b) Members should notify the Secretary of any change in address, telephone number or email address.


c) The Committee has the right to terminate the membership of any member if that member has infringed in a material way the rules laid down by The Club. In such a circumstance that member has a right of appeal and can be represented by a second member.  





5.            FINANCE:

a) The financial year of The Club shall be from the 1st of April until 31st March.

b) The finances of The Club shall be controlled by the Committee.

c) The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping a record of all financial transactions and for keeping all Club monies in a Bank Account approved by the Committee in the name of the Club save for such petty cash deemed necessary by the Committee.  Cheques drawn on the Club Account shall be signed by two of five signatories.  The Treasurer shall submit a certified financial statement to the Annual General Meeting.


d) The Committee may spend up to £200 in a single transaction without recourse to the Members.



a) Members shall pay an annual subscription, the amount of which shall be determined by the Committee and confirmed at The AGM. The subscription becomes payable at that meeting.

b) Members and visitors shall pay table money at each session of The Club, the amount of which shall be determined by the Committee.



a) The AGM shall be held in the month of May each year and should be attended by at least 20% of the members in order to constitute a quorum.

b) The convening of the AGM shall be announced twenty one days prior to the date fixed for the meeting.

c) A special general meeting of The Club shall be convened by the Secretary on a written demand signed by ten members. The demand and notice of the meeting must state the business for which the meeting is called and only that business shall be transacted.

8.       GENERAL:

a) Competitions shall be held at such times and under such conditions as the Committee shall determine.


b) The Club accepts no responsibility whatever for the property of any member or visitor whilst on The Premises.

c) Any matter not provided for in this Constitution and all questions arising in connection therewith shall be considered and resolved by the Committee.

d) Neither the Officers nor any other Committee members of The Club shall be either individually or jointly responsible for any liabilities incurred by The Club.


       e) In the event of any dispute regarding the interpretation of the constitution of   the Club (and any rules which may be appended thereto), the decision of the Committee shall be final.


       f) In the event of The Club being wound up and after all assets have been realised and outstanding debts have been paid, any surplus balance shall be disposed of as decided by the majority of members attending the final General Meeting.