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A few points to remember
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A few points to remember
♣ ✔Politeness very important...& smilessmiley
♠ ✔Leave your bidding cards on the table until first card is played & dummy displayed. This is a rule from CBAI.
 ✔First card must be played face down until partner says "Thank You"
♦🕤 PLAY AT A REASONABLE PACE. We all want a chat but are here to play bridge. Post mortums can go on too long. Everyone does their best.
Visitor Protocol
Visitor Protocol


  • Members may invite max 2 guests Sept-May
  • A visiting guest must play with a member
  • A guest must sign the Visitor's Book
  • Guests may not play in major comps
  • June July & August all visitors are welcome
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Contact Us
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