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A few points to remember
16th Feb 2023 15:02 GMT
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A few points to remember
♣ ✔Politeness very important...& smilessmiley
♠ ✔Leave your bidding cards on the table until first card is played & dummy displayed. This is a rule from CBAI.
 ✔First card must be played face down until partner says "Thank You"
♦🕤 PLAY AT A REASONABLE PACE. We all want a chat but are here to play bridge. Post mortums can go on too long. Everyone does their best.
Visitor Protocol
Visitor Protocol


  • Members may invite max 2 guests Sept-May
  • A visiting guest must play with a member
  • A guest must sign the Visitor's Book
  • Guests may not play in major comps
  • June July & August all visitors are welcome
Happy Christmas to all members
Happy Christmas to all members

During this very difficult time we hope that everyone is safe and well. We wish you a comfortable and happy Christmas. Hopefully 2021 will bring better news, new hope, and sunshine. God bless.