Botanic Bridge Club
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A few points to remember
♣ ✔Politeness very important...& smilessmiley
♠ ✔Leave your bidding cards on the table until first card is played & dummy displayed. This is a rule from CBAI.
 ✔First card must be played face down until partner says "Thank You"
♦🕤 PLAY AT A REASONABLE PACE. We all want a chat but are here to play bridge. Post mortums can go on too long. Everyone does their best.
Visitor Protocol
Visitor Protocol


  • Members may invite max 2 guests Sept-May
  • A visiting guest must play with a member
  • A guest must sign the Visitor's Book
  • Guests may not play in major comps
  • June July & August all visitors are welcome
Welcome to Botanic Bridge Club

Victory Botanic & Mater Virtual game online

On Monday evenings at 7.30pm there is a game online. It is important that players log on at least 10-15 minutes before the game begins sharply at 7.30pm.

Sometimes your computer or the connection to  is slow so it is better to log on early.

There is a generous time set for the boards to be played at each table. If players are very slow they risk being averaged.

Sometimes to make up numbers Robots are included to play. Be warned!! They play very fast.smiley

NOTE Naturally we can't see each other at the moment online so we use the bidding buttons to bid. There are no undos. It is not acceptable to make any comments or suggestions on the "chat" while bidding is taking place  or play has begun.

Also any discussion or advice re our hands should be left for later when all finished and we are having a well deserved cuppa.

It is recomended  that we use the "chat" to acknowledge opposition before game beigns and let them know what system you and your partner play i.e. 4 or 5 card major, weak or strong NT, Transfers, Weak 2s, etc.

We have a list of usernames and if you wish to be included please contact a committee member.

You will need to purchase BB$. These "dollars" can be bought on the website by Paypal or credit card.

If you are not playing already please take a look at

It is very enjoyable and although we all miss the chat and company it is a great past time.


Covid-19  Botanic Bridge Club closed until further notice.

    Virtual bridge clubs online. 

♣    Victory Botanic & Friends on Monday night.

♠     Navan Road & Friends Mon Wed & Fri afternoon + Tues evening.

      Log into Bridgebase with a User Name & Password.

Talk to us in Botanic, St. Pat's  or Mater to join our WhatsApp Group.

(committee names and telephone numbers on annual calendar) 

There is a small charge to play in these competitions. Bridgebase Dollars BB$ can be bought on the site via Paypal or your own card.

Text messages are great but please pick up the phone and call someone for a chat - its good to talk.

Botanic Bridge Club

Botanic Bridge Club founded in 1993. We play bridge in Clareville Glasnevin on Wednesday evenings 7.20pm.

We have 82 active playing members and the Club is affiliated to CBAI. Our year is Jan to May and Sept to Dec.

We continue to play during the summer months June July Aug & visitors are welcome at this time.♠   ♣ 

Bridge TIPS

Botanic Bridge Club is affiliated to CBAI

and abides by the rules.

♣  ♠  

A few reminders when playing bridge:

  • The bidding boxes must be used. It is like a silent auction!

  • After 3 passes the bidding stops and the contract is decided

  • On no account should any of the bids be changed once a bidding card has been placed on the table.

Please do not say "I made a mistake" after making a bid.

  • Leave bidding cards on the table until first card has been played.

REMEMBER you can call the Tournament Director if anyone is not happy with the bidding and the game will be AVERAGED.

  • When the game commences please let declarer concentrate.

  • On no account should declarer touch cards in dummy unless that card is being played.

  • Once a card has been played by any player it cannot be changed.

There are 4 players at the table, each should be able to see bids made and cards played.



Scorer: Vyvien Leydier
Mobhi 1Comp
Scorer: Vyvien Leydier
#78840 Pairs Victory Botanic And Friends