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Events in 2019
  • Club Pairs: 8th March. Well done to Condover and thanks to all Border players for playing and providing a wonderful tea.
  • Condover Ashes: Sunday 7th April, 2.30pm @ Ford
  • Club Teams: 7th June
  • Charity ‘bun’ night 21st June.
  • Bill Hughes Simultaneous Pairs, members only, 28th June
  • BBQ: Saturday 27th July
  • Jane Davies: 27th September
  • AGM: 15th November
  • Christmas Party: 13th December.


Message to non-members
Message to non-members

Please note if you play in a handicap event you appear to have disappeared from the scoring this is due to the fact non-members can't win the handicap. Please click on any of the other pairs in the results and then you will see your pairing listed (which you can click on to see how you faired on each board and your overall percentage)

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