Bookham Afternoon Bridge Club
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Spare Partners

To all members,

Please check the Spare Partner list at the club;†if you are able to sign up for a vacant slot it will be much appreciated;†slots from July††through to October†2024†are available for sign-up.

Many thanks to all who have acted as host on multiple†occasions recently. It is worth remembering that if all members signed up we would all only need to do one Spare Partner duty per year.

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Bookham Afternoon Bridge Club - Constitution


††††† 1.The Bookham Afternoon Bridge Club is a Club affiliated to the English Bridge Union, Bookham Community Association and Surrey County Bridge Association.

†††††† 2. The management of the Club shall be in the control of the Committee, but major decisions shall be in the control of the members. The Committee shall consist of the Officers, namely the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Coordinator of Directors and Scorers and seven ordinary members. Six members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum. The Committee shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting, with members being eligible for re-election. Nominations of Club members for Officers and ordinary members of the Committee shall be sent to the Hon. Secretary not less than seven days before the A.G.M., the approval of those nominated being obtained. The Committee shall be empowered to co-opt other members of the Club to serve on the Committee and to appoint Officers if a vacancy occurs during the year between Annual General Meetings.

†††† 3. An Hon. Auditor shall be appointed at each A.G.M. The retiring Hon. Auditor shall be eligible for re-election. The accounts of the Club shall be kept by the Hon. Treasurer and the audited accounts shall be presented at the A.G.M. The financial year of the Club shall end on 31st August each year.

†††† 4. An Annual General Meeting shall be held, of which at least twenty-one daysí notice must be given. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee, or if requested, by a minimum of one third of the members of the Club. At least twenty-one daysí notice of such a meeting must be given.

†††† 5. A resolution proposing an alteration to the Constitution must be notified in writing to the Hon. Secretary at least six weeks before the date of the A.G.M or E.G.M. and shall be passed if it receives two thirds or more of the votes cast. Any other resolution is passed if it receives a majority of the votes cast. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

†††† 6. Rules on the operation of the Club and any amendment thereof shall be determined by the members in a General Meeting. For this purpose, the operation of the Club shall include any limit on the total membership of the Club, the procedure whereby prospective members may be admitted to the Club, and the procedure whereby any member may be excluded from the Club.

7.† Annual subscriptions shall be decided by the Committee and announced at the A.G.M.† Annual subscriptions fall due for payment on 1st November for the year commencing on that date, and membership will automatically† cease for those not paying within six weeks from that date (13th December).

New members elected in the year shall pay a joining fee which will include any subscription due for the remainder of the year,† The amount of the joining fee shall be decided by the Committee and announced at the A.G.M.† For new members in the period between the A.G.M and 1st††November the joining fee shall be waived.† Any offer for membership will be withdrawn after 6 weeks if the joining fee has not been paid.†

Table monies shall be decided by the Committee.

Constitution approved at the BABC Annual General Meeting, 16th October 2023.