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Spare Partners

Please check the Spare Partner list at the club, if you are able to sign up for a vacant slot it will be much appreciated.

We currently are looking for spare partners on Thurs June 9th and Mondays June 20th & 27th  

Please contact Neil or Kate if you can assist.

Transfer after 1NT opening

Transfer after 1NT opening -  You open 1NT (12-14).  Your partner has 5 or more of a major (say, 5♠) and bids 2 to start the transfer.  If you have maximum points and good spade support you should jump to 3♠ rather than respond 2♠.  Partner can Pass with a weak hand or raise to 4♠ with a moderate hand or better.  A strong transfer signal will help you bid to game when responder only has a moderately strong hand. (From Mieke)

Board 16 - Thursday 7 April 2022

North opens 1NT (14pts).  South has only 7 points and bids 2  to transfer to ♠, intending to pass and leave the contract in 2♠ .  But North is excited.  Maximum points (14) and very good ♠ support.  North bids 3♠ to show excitement and strength.  South's hand is now looking much better so South raises to 4♠.  Contract makes (10,11 and even 12 tricks made).  Big smiles from North and South smileysmiley.  South would have passed if North had replied 2♠ to the transfer.