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Spare Partners

We have Spare Partners for all Thursdays to 16 December with the exception of 9 December. Thank you to members who have volunteered.  We would welcome volunteers for further dates. Please contact Neil or Kate if you can help.

Guide to online bridge

► See the guide for information about joining an online BABC session and advice about online play

Face-to-face (Sept 2021)
Arrangements for the return to face-to-face bridge
  • For a limited period sessions will be restricted to Full Members only.
  • We will not be operating a pre booking system. We believe that by limiting entry to members, having taken into account the survey responses, then table numbers will be manageable
  • We would ask that everyone entering the Barn Hall reads and agrees to abide by the notices regarding COVID symptoms and also informs BABC should they test positive for COVID after attending a session
  • We will require any player to leave a session if, in the view of the Director and Committee representative, there are any health issue concerns
  • We cannot insist that masks are worn at all times. However, we would reiterate the EBU advice that the government "expects and recommends" that people wear face coverings in crowded areas. We would go further and would encourage the wearing of masks whilst at the tables. We will not be requiring negative test or temperature checks
  • On entering the hall you should collect a bidding box from crates provided by the door. This should be retained throughout the session taking it with you if moving tables. It should be returned to a crate at the end of a session
  • Only North should operate the Bridgemate. East should be shown and asked to agree with the entry but must not touch the Bridgemate. North should return the Bridgemate to the stage at the end of the session
  • North should inform the table at the end of the session of their final score and position. Results will not be displayed on the screen by the stage to prevent crowding
  • Hand sanitiser will be made available at each table and should be used when entering the Hall
  • Table money will be increased to £2.50 per session. This amount is similar to online costs and will help to allay some of the additional expenses being incurred combined with offsetting some of the impact from having lower table numbers
  • No change will be provided - Each table will be responsible for collecting £10 in a plastic money bag which will then be collected and stored by the Committee. (Partners might wish to each pay £5 on alternate sessions thereby removing need for coins)
  • Slips will be provided for those members who do not wish to pay using physical money and who agree to transfer a payment using a bank online payment after each session. This facility will initially be offered for a trial period
  • No subscription renewal will be required until such time as table numbers have returned to more normal levels. Allowance will then be made about reducing the level payable due to a part year and table money levies will be considered by the Committee
  • For a limited period there will be no refreshments provided. Members should bring with them their own drinks and cups. Your Committee will decide when a reduced range of drinks, tea and cold drinks only, can be provided before subsequently and iteratively returning over time to a more normal refreshment offering
  • The Barn Hall will be ventilated as much as is possible so therefore in colder weather please wear adequate warm clothing
  • Members should avoid congregating in cramped areas, eg toilets, and should remain at a table when entering the hall. Coats, if not being worn, should be left in vehicles
  • The Committee will decide when non-members can start playing. When the window opens this will be restricted to those individuals who visited the Club between March 2019 and March 2020 or who have been playing in BABC online events. At the timing discretion of the Committee Barn Hall events will be made open to all visitors.

BABC Committee August 2021