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Spare Partners

We have Spare Partners for all Thursdays to 16 December with the exception of 9 December. Thank you to members who have volunteered.  We would welcome volunteers for further dates. Please contact Neil or Kate if you can help.

Guide to online bridge

► See the guide for information about joining an online BABC session and advice about online play

Purchasing BB$

Guide to Purchasing BB$ on Bridge Base Online (BBO)

Before you can play in a BABC game you will need to purchase BB$, the currency used on BBO. 1 BB$ is equivalent to 1 US Dollar. BABC events will cost BB$ 3.0

BB$ are like pre-paid entry fees. They cannot be withdrawn or exchanged back again to £. Therefore PLEASE only buy small amounts that you think you will use and also consider, for a partnership, only one person buying BB$.

How to buy BB$

1. Log on to BBO:  Go to, click 'Play Bridge Now'. Enter your User name and password, then click Log In

 2. Click on BB$ on the top right of the page.  A BB$ pop-up window will appear.

3.  When you click Purchase BB$ a payment window will open.  You can pay by credit card or PayPal.  You will be asked to enter your BBO username and password.

4. Select the amount (in USD) of BB$ that you would like to purchase. Fill in your name, address and card details and click Purchase.

5. You will receive an email acknowledgement of your payment.  Whenever you log in to BBO you will see a yellow message window showing your BB$ balance.

PLEASE PLEASE only purchase BB$ using the above method. It is possible to purchase BB$ using an itunes or GoogleApp on your smartphone or tablet. The exchange rate used by those apps is very unfavourable and expensive so DO NOT purchase BB$ in that way.

v 9 Jun 2020