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Partner Message Board

You can use the Message Board to look for a partner.

Before you send the form, please check to see if there is already someone on the list looking for a partner for the same date.
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Guide to online bridge

► See the guide for information about joining an online BABC session and advice about online play

Partner Message Board
Looking for a Partner?


  • Before you send the form please check the list below to see if another member is looking for a partner for the required date.  If there is, contact that member
  • If there is no name on the message board, then send a message using the form below.  Your name will be added to the message board
  • You may include your email address and/or phone number, but only if you agree that your contact information can be shown on the Bookham website
  • if you have found a partner, please tell us using the Partner Form so that your name can be taken off the Message Board.


  • If contact details are shown (or you already know the member's phone number or email address), contact the member directly.
  • Otherwise you should contact Neil to assist

Please note that BABC has no responsibility for personal data shown on this website or otherwise shared between members




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