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Spare Partners

To all members,

Please check the Spare Partner list at the club; if you are able to sign up for a vacant slot it will be much appreciated; slots from June through to October 2024 are available for sign-up.

Many thanks to all who have acted as host on multiple occasions recently. It is worth remembering that if all members signed up we would all only need to do one Spare Partner duty per year.

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Do you have any comments/suggestions/questions/advice about online bridge?  Send a message using the form at the bottom of the page.

Undo: "If you mis-click a bid or the play of a card you can ask for an Undo. Click on the blue box on the top left of the screen and a list of Options opens. Click ‘Undo’. The player on your left will be asked if they accept the Undo" . Ken 28 May

Stop 'strangers' joining your game:  "When setting up a table for a foursome, you can switch toggles such that people have to be invited to join (or Kibitz). So when someone drops out inadvertently, no-one can sit at their place without being accepted by the host. This gives time to reserve the place."  Lesley C 4 June.

Who are you?  "When you are playing in a Bookham session you may not recognise the BBO name of a player.  Click on the name and their BBO Profile will open in a pop-up window, showing their 'real' name.  It would be helpful if everyone had an identifiable name in their BBO profile".  Rob 4 June

Playing with a Robot  If you don't have a partner for the session you will need to go to the Partnership Desk.  If there isn't a partner available you can choose to play with a robot, or choose not to.  

Your conventions:  "It would be helpful if players would put some basic information on their profiles ie Basic acol, benji. acol with 3 wk 2s multi etc. There is not time, in the time allocated for the 2 boards, to ask. "  Geraldine Brock 4 June

Your BBO profile  Log in to BBO, select the 'Account' tab.  You will see your profile and you can add information about your conventions in the 'Other' section. 

Robots:  "I experimented with playing with a robot today.  It is useful to familiarise yourself with the robot's system before you try it.  The Alert system on BBO makes it much easier for you to communicate with the robot"  Lawrence 11 June

A number by your name:   "Some players have a number by their name on the BBO display.  These are Masterpoints won in BBO tournaments - a sort of BBO rank."  Ron 18 June