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Welcome to Bookham Afternoon Bridge Club
Welcome to Bookham Afternoon Bridge Club

Bookham Afternoon Bridge Club celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019.  We normally play duplicate bridge on Monday and Thursday afternoons at the Old Barn Hall.  The Club is an affiliated member of the EBU. 

Sadly we must keep the club closed for the foreseeable future, until such time as the authorities decide that it is safe to resume face-to-face bridge.  Meanwhile we have set up arrangements for members to meet and play bridge online. 

We sincerely hope that as many members as possible will take part in our online sessions, keep in touch with friends and help safeguard the future of the club.

Returning to face to face bridge
Returning to face to face bridge

From the Chairman, 27 July 2021

The Committee has considered whether we can return to face to face bridge and has decided that now is not the time to do so.  We recognise that this news will come as a disappointment to many, but it reflects the caution expressed by many members in our recent survey.  We will review the situation again in late August and, with a fair wind, we might feel able to restart face to face sessions in September.

My letter explains how face to face bridge might operate, initially continuing with online bridge once a week.  ► Chairman's letter  ► Risk Assessment

To help us with our decision about restarting we ask ALL members to send a short email or give me a call with your views (no firm commitment, merely to help with our planning), stating whether you will:

a)     Definitely return as soon as face to face sessions commence

b)     Return to face to face sometime within three months of face to face sessions restarting

Neil Higgins    Tel. 01483 224151

Charity Sims
Charity Sims

We played in charity fund raising sessions on Monday 5th July and Thursday 8th July. Members were asked to make a donation, with the money raised being divided equally between Kidney Research UK and the British Heart Foundation.  We donated £688 to the charities.  Thank you for your generosity.

The overall results are on the eCats website.

Online Bridge at Bookham

A new era started on 1 June 2020 with the successful launch of BABC Online.  We play on Bridge Base Online (BBO) using an arrangement set up by the EBU.  More than 180 members and guests have now played in our online sessions.  

  • The online sessions are open to members, Waiting List visitors and invited guests.   
  • We play on Mondays and Thursdays, starting at 1 pm.  You must register by 12.50 pm.
  • On Mondays we play 20 boards, allowing an average of 8 minutes per board.  On Thursdays we play 24 boards, allowing an average of 7 minutes per board with a tea break in the middle of the session.  
  • Entry fee (Table money) is 3 Bridge Base Dollars (BB$) (Approx. £2.50)
  • BBO has a Partnership Desk which can be used to find a partner at the start of a session.  The club has a Partner Message Board which members can use to find a partner for future dates.

If you are not familiar with Bridge Base Online (BBO) and would like to play in a friendly game before joining the club sessions, please contact Neil Higgins who will arrange a practice session with some coaching.

Club News
From the Chairman
  • We WILL NOT start playing at the Barn Hall until such time as both the government and the EBU have confirmed that they are satisfied that it is safe for our membership to do so.
  • We intend to hold a physical AGM at the Barn Hall within four weeks of sessions there restarting. In the meantime I can confirm that your existing membership continues and that, as things stand, no subscription payment is required for the current year.
  • In January the Club raised funds towards the upkeep of the Barn Hall. Contributions flooded in not just from those who played online but also from many of our members who are not able to play online but who value our wonderful venue. In total, we raised £1,950 which is double the amount we have raised during Village week.  Thank you one and all for this generosity.
  • The Bookham Village Day event will take place this year on August Bank Holiday Monday (30th August 2021).   We will hold a Bridge Tea close to the main Village Day Event in late August. 
Winners Thursday 29 July

N-S Betty Attwood & Sue Peters 64.03%

E-W Michael Lomax & Peter Ward 56.94%

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Duplicate Pairs
Duplicate Pairs
Duplicate Pairs