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Thank You for Visiting Bolton BC Web Site
Thank You for Visiting Bolton BC Web Site

Come and visit us at 4 Chorley Old Road, Bolton BL1 3AA. Phone 01204 526484.We welcome players of all standards and have lessons for beginners as well as practice and supervised play for the less experienced.The premises are easily accessed and have ample car parking.


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Playing Online Bridge

Please register on Bridge Base Online at as described below. Your BBO username must be on the duplicate player list for each Duplicate. New users send it to Brian Perry at

To play in a duplicate,e login to BBO about 20 minutes before the start. Click on "Competitive" under "Play or Watch Bridge".  Click on "All Tournaments" and, in the search box above the list which appears type "BPS"or "Lanc".  The tournament should now appear and you can click on it to register.  Your partner will need to be online at the time you register and you need to enter their BBO name.

To play privately, you just need to know who is registered on BBO and their user names so you can set up a private table or a private Team of 4 game (See Playing Online Bridge). User names can be found in the "members area" on this site.


Basic Guide to Using Bridge Base Online

Registering with BBO

1) In an Internet web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc) Go to

2) Click ‘Play bridge now’ (red button in centre)

3) Click ‘Become a member (free!)

4) Type in a User name. It will need to be unique and it will show ‘Unavailable’ in blue if your chosen User name is already taken. Try adding a number or choose an unusual nickname if your preferred username is unavailable.

5) Type in a password and then type in the password again. The password may only contain letters and numbers. Type in your email address, this will be held by BBO but will not be made public.

6) Type in your real name if you want that to be displayed to other BBO users, otherwise leave this blank. Leave the ACBL number field blank. It should look something like this:

7) Click the checkbox for ‘I agree to the Terms of Service’

8) Click Register. BBO will then send you an email to the email address you provided. In the email will be a link which will say 'Click here to confirm'. Once you have clicked that your account will be setup and you can then login.


Setting up a Table, and Joining Bolton/Preston/Southport (BPS) Games

1) Go to, click 'Play Bridge Now'. Enter your User name and Password and then click Log In. You should now be logged on and it should look like this:


BBO has multiple different ways to play.

Find a specific tournament

To search for a specific tournament, for instance a private game organized by your club, click COMPETITIVE, then All Tournaments.

There is a Search box at the top. Type the host name, or some keyword from the tourney title.

How to register to a tournament

Now that you found your tournament, click on it. You will reach this screen.

Type your partner’s username in the Invite box, and click the Invite button. You both need to be online

Find your friends

Friends and players you follow are listed in the People panel.

If you already have friends and bridge partners using Bridge Base Online, ask them what their BBO username is. Once you know their handle, you can add them to your friends list online.

Online friends will be listed to the right of your screen, in the People panel, in the Friends tab. Click a name and you will be able to chat to them.


Playing a Private Game

1) Click ‘Casual’

2) Click ‘Start a table’

3) At the top choose whether you would like IMPs or Matchpoints scoring.

4) Reserve seats for the people who you wish to play with. To reserve a seat click on North, South, East or West and then enter the BBO username of the person. If it is just you and a partner then leave East and West blank. If the person’s name appears in blue then they are logged in, if it is in red they they are not currently logged in although you can still proceed and the seat will be reserved for them.

5) Kibitzers are spectators. You can choose whether to allow them or not. If you are setting up a table just for friends then you may wish to use the Invisible option, this will mean that other people will not see the table and so will not try and join.

6) Then click ‘Start Table – Relaxed game’ or ‘Start Table – Competitive game’. Both are free. At least in theory Competitive game should be a slightly higher standard.

7) The game should then start and any free seats will be filled up automatically.

Private Team Games

There is a guide to running online team games at: BBO Team Games.pdf



You can retain your anonymity by playing one of games on the home page: Just Play Bridge, Just Declare, Matchpoints, IMPs are free games for individuals where your partner, and opponents, are robots who play a strong no trump and 2/1. You will not get significant comparisons on how you do in these games, but your partner and opponents are very quiet and do not mind if you take a long time to make a bid or play a card, and will not object if you stop in the middle of a hand to make a coffee.

Playing with real people on BBO is a little like the Wild West. The key is to find and make friends and gradually expand your network so that you can always find a game when you log in.  The main difference to face to face bridge are:

Alert your own bids
Chat with both or one opponent privately.
Announce your basic system at the start
How to ask for an undo
How to make and accept claims

When playin tournaments, there are a few features that can help:

1. It is your turn to bid or play a card when you are yellow.
2. If you make a wrong bid or play a wrong card, you can ask for an Undo by pressing the three blue bars top left.
3. If there is a problem like a prolonged pause you can call the director and tell him South is not bidding by using the Call Director facility on the Blue Bars.
If you want to see the bidding you can press on the contract.

5. If you want to self alert press the button on your bidding box before making your bid.
6. If you want to know the meaning of a bid click on the bid on the bidding chart, it will turn yellow and ask your opponents for an explanation.
7. To chat to the table press the button bottom right and a cat box will come up where you can chat to the table to welcome your opponents.