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10th May 2021
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Thank You for Visiting Bolton BC Web Site
Thank You for Visiting Bolton BC Web Site

Come and visit us at 4 Chorley Old Road, Bolton BL1 3AA. Phone 01204 526484.We welcome players of all standards and have lessons for beginners as well as practice and supervised play for the less experienced.The premises are easily accessed and have ample car parking.


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Archive 2020

We remember a number of our members who sadly passed away this year. Our condolsences and thoughts go out to their family and friends:

Dr Nilratan Ghosh enjoyed playing bridge, and was a regular afternoon attendee at Bolton Bridge Club before he passed away in the Hospice in early May.  

John Ashworth had been a member of Bolton Bridge Club for a large number of years before he passed away in hospital on Sunday 24th May.  He will be remembered as a keen and experienced player, a Committee Member, Tournament Director, keen opponent and bridge partner. Committed to competitive play he was always willing to play in league matches, team events, competitions of any kind whether at the club or outside events and he actively encouraged other members to take part as well, often acting as chauffeur for away events.

Special Message  I would like to thank so many of John's friends from the bridge club for the cards and letters of condolence which I received during this sad time.   He was a wonderful, unassuming gentleman, loved by lots.   Catherine Ashworth

Ken Brookes will be known to  many who play on Thursday afternoons as a gentle, quiet and polite man, and regular attendee at the Club.  In recent times Ken has suffered with a heart condition and hadn't been in the best of health before his untimely passing away this month.   

Mixed Pairs 10 Jan 2020 Winners - A Barnes/S Hyman

There was a healthy 16 partnerships at the annual Bolton BC Mixed Pairs on Friday 10 January 2020.  Congratulations to the winners Austin Barnes & Sue Hyman. They finished just 1 matchpoint ahead of John & Cath Ashworth and Paul Evans & Mary Finch who were tied in second place!

Bolton Individual 7 Feb 2020
Bolton Individual 7 Feb 2020

There were 28 players at the annual Bolton Individual held on 7th February 2020. Joint highest scorers on 157 out of 252 Matchpoints and sharing the prize money were Stuart Challinor & Duncan Ault, second Terry Potter & Diane Ault. Stuart has been declared winner on point-a-board countback with Stuart winning 11 boards, Duncan winning 9.

LCBA Teams of 8 9th Feb 2020

Bolton A won the annual LCBA teams-of-8 competition held at Bury BC on 9th February 2020 ably run by Stuart Davies. The winning team was A Barnes/J Smith, S Norris/R Greenhalgh, P Evans/A Whittam, J Morrell/M Farr. Second were Southport, third Preston. Full details in LCBA results section. Bolton A will represent Lancashire in the Garden Cities Northern Regional Final on 26th April at Bradford BC.

Mens & Ladies Pairs 6 Mar 2020


There were 6 tables in both the Mens & Ladies Pairs held on 6th March 2020. Congratulations to the Mens winners Ian Hitchen & John Ashworth and to the joint Ladies winners Eileen Polding & Joan Cann and Sue Whittam & Linda Wilson.


Online bridge continues to be a great success. Bolton Bridge Club has now 152 of its members registered on Bridgebase Online. This is an increase of 20 over the April number. There have been 35 duplicate tournaments played, four with Bolton players only, and the remainder in conjunction with Preston and Southport bridge clubs; a total of 633 tables over the month. 128 Bolton members have played in these tournaments.

The tournament of 5th May was a successful charity event, raising over £200, with the proceeds donated to NHS charities. Social games on private tables continue to be very popular.

The table below shows a summary of average percentages by Bolton players where they have played in 4 or more online tournaments during the month of May.





Marianne Farr


Doreen Seddon


Jeff Smith


Jean Maden


John Wilson


Sheila Fisher


Des King


Cilla Prescott


Mike Nicholson


Des King


Linda Wilson


Mike Nicholson


John Morrell


Deb Fairweather


Stephen Fanning


Linda Wilson


Deb Fairweather


Brian Perry


Mary Finch


Sheila Jefferies


Ken Wood


Kay Horsman


Cilla Prescott


Anthony Hedley



As many of you may already know, Austin Barnes decided that he would stand down from the Committee at the time of the Annual General Meeting. This was after serving many years as a Committee Member, ten years as President and the last three years as Immediate Past President.  As you will know after having to cancel the original Meeting due to the Club closure, the AGM was finally held last night,  albeit by virtual on-line meeting.

At the meeting Duncan Ault announced Austin’s retirement and said that the Committee wished to mark the event in a very special way that would show how much the Committee and indeed the whole Club valued Austin’s contribution.

So in recognition of the many years and huge amount of work that Austin has done he was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Club.    However it was felt that we wanted to do something more for Austin and so, despite his reluctance, we are renaming the Spring Ladder, the Austin Barnes Trophy.   A new trophy and Honour Board will be acquired.

If it had been normal times we would have asked Austin to attend the meeting to be personally presented,  with as many people as possible able to attend.  But in view of the strange circumstances we are currently in,  that was not possible.   It is therefore our intention that once we are all back together again we will hold a special event to mark his achievements.

In the meantime we hope you will all join us in thanking Austin for everything he has done.


A number of new BBO registrations now takes the total for Bolton Bridge Club to 164. 139 of these played in tournaments during the month and in total there were 1289 plays by Bolton members. There were 41 tournaments played. Eight of these were Bolton only events. Of the remaining 33, in conjunction with the Preston and Southport clubs, 24 were open to all players, 5 were restricted to partnerships with an average NGS grade of 6 or less and 4 restricted to partnerships with an average NGS grade of 10 or less. The two events held on 30th June were both charity events.

The table below shows a summary of average percentages by Bolton players where they have played in 4 or more online tournaments in the month of June.


Avg Gross


Avg Net

Marianne Farr


Peter Dawe


Jeff Smith


Jo Kelly


Mary Finch


Janice Drake


Stephen Fanning


Helen Gott


Mike Nicholson


Stephen Fanning


Paul Evans


Jean Maden


Ken Wood


Chris Maden


John Wilson


Mike Nicholson


Alan Whittam


Doreen Seddon


Dave Thomson


Marianne Farr


Paul Vose


Mary Finch


Barbara Heaton


Rosemary Coffey


Online Teams of 4

Bolton Bridge Club has fielded teams of 4 and 8 members in various leagues and events for many years. Lancashire Contract Bridge Association currently runs a team events league which restarts in September. We have recently been contacted about running a similar rated teams of 4 match against Deva Bridge Club (Chester)..   If you are interested in representing Bolton, then please let us know by email to It would be helpful if you have already got together with others to form a Team but if not we can see if we can match people up. Here is a brief outline of what playing in team events is like:

Eight players organize themselves into two teams of four players. All the 8 players need to be online. One player (the host)  creates the team game.  Invites will appear and once all the invited players have accepted, a team game will start up shortly after creation, and the 8 players are placed in their seats at gametime. The NS pair for each team plays the opposing EW pair at each table.When the specified number of boards are completed, that table is closed. When both tables have closed, the match is scored.  Teams scoring is by IMPs so the two scores at the table are compared and the difference is converted to imps on a standard scale.

Players can see the results in a few ways:   

  1. Enter the tourney, click TOURNAMENT RESULTS for a summary.
  2. Enter the tourney, click MOVIE for a board by board listing with IMPs/MPs for each board
  3. Use to see the "travellers"
EBU Virtual Sim Pairs - Thursday 23 July 11am

The EBU Summer Sim Pairs took place in the BPS session on Thursday 23rd July at 11am, hosted on BBO. NS Winners were M Farr & J Morrell and EW Winners were Ann Adkin and Kevin Holden.  The overall results, commentaries are on the EBU site (Sim Pairs) at EBU Sims

Manners Maketh BBO

Playing BBO Online bridge presents certain challenging behaviour patterns which players may forget and overstep the EBU Best Behaviour guidelines.

1)  No one is out to get you. Hopefully everyone is looking for a fun and friendly game, so if you notice someone who you feel is being particularly unpleasant, you should report them to the TD and/or to the organising committee. What you must NOT do is make accusations or your own law rulings at the table.

2) There is nothing wrong with talking to the table, or your partner, or your opponents. You may congratulate partner within reason as long as it isn't gloating or incessant without need. Some BBO jargon : WDP – Well done partner :HLP – Hard luck partner : GLP – Good luck partner :WPP – Well played partner :TYP – Thank you partner :“Thinking” (it is courteous to let the opponents and partner know if you are taking some time over a decision) : is perfectly acceptable.

3) Undos are generally allowed at all times since misclicks are fairly frequent. In any doubtful case, best to call the TD. Interrogation of the perpetrator is not generally appropriate.

4) Sarcastic or patronising comments are highly deprecated. Recent examples relayed to me are "Haven't you got a claim button?", "Even I can cash my two winners in the 3 card ending", "You should have made that after opponents' bad defence", "Yes well played cashing you 10 tricks, when 12 were cold",  "Please keep your comments to yourself", "Did I ask your opinion?" etc. One particular issue is explanations of unalerted calls (unless you really need to know). If a bid is not alerted, then it  is assumed natural - if you really feel damaged at the end of play call the TD and let him deal with it.

5) It is polite to introduce yourself and your system at the start of each round, but this can get tedious, so there is absolutely no problem with "Hi, weakNT, 3 weak2s" at the start and nothing else. There are many players who don't chat or want to chat much but that is entirely their prerogative and should in no way be deemed discourteous.

6) Slow play and failure to claim is technically an offence in F2F bridge, but due to the nature of the online game, I would not consider that an issue, although a certain kind of player will find this galling at times!

Enjoy your bridge but try not to upset other people at the online table. If you have any specific questions please send to Jeffrey Smith at

RealBridge Update - Taster sessions soon

Thanks to all who attended the Bolton BC RealBridge Trial on Wed 21 October.  We have now set up Bolton Bridge Club to be able to hold Realbridge sessions and are training our Tournament Directors. 

We will be setting up taster session on Realbridge over the next two weeks - watch this space for dates and times for these events.

We hope you are keeping well and safe during this current lockdown period.
In this newsletter:  The Glaister Cup, Bolton-only Tuesday new start time, regular RealBridge sessions start.
The Bolton-only Glaister Cup is being held this week on Wednesday 18th November at 6:55pm on BBO.  It is for players with NGS of 0 to 6.
The following Wednesday 25th November at 6:55pm we have the Bolton-only Tyldsley Cup for NGS 0 -10. 
Our Championship Pairs is being held on Wednesday 2nd December at 6:55pm open to all Bolton players.  We hope many of you will come along to support this event.
Entry price for all events is the standard £2.50
As a reminder our Tuesday evening Bolton-only games have an earlier start time at 6:55pm - we choose these slightly odd times to avoid issues on BBO of many games starting exactly on the hour.  This starts tomorrow - Tuesday 17th November at 6:55pm.
Our Realbridge taster sessions have proved very popular, and we are committed to have some Bolton-only RealBridge games each week as well as BBO games.
Starting this Sunday 22nd November, there will be a Bolton-only RealBridge game every Sunday at 7pm.  Entry fee is the normal £2.50    We welcome your feedback on when other games could be held during the week.
Thank you for your continuing support for our Online Bridge sessions and Bolton Bridge Club in general.
Ecats Children in Need Pairs - Thursday 12th November 2020 at 7:15pm
Ecats Children in Need Pairs - Thursday 12th November 2020 at 7:15pm

There were 16 Tables which raised £160 for Children In Need. Local Results NS Glenn Oliver and Liz Wattleworth, EW Rosanna & John Roberts winners,. Thanks for all who took part. The commentary will be published on the ECatsBridge website at 10pm – at

Glaister Cup 18 November / Tyldesley Trophy 25 November 2020 on BBO

There were 6 tables in the annual Bolton Glaister Cup competition. Congratulations to Ken Hardman and Barbara Matthews who won in style with a 69% set, Gerrard Gaffey and Sheila Wilkinson finished 2nd on 60%. There were 13 tables in the annual Tyldesley Trophy competition. Congratulations to the winners John and Sandra Dootson with a 71% set.Tony Howells and Chris Butterfield finished 2nd on 65%. Full results available as normal.

The annual Glaister Cup is open  to players with NGS 6 and below and the Tyldesley Trophy is for players NGS 10 and below. The Glaister Cup is scheduled on 18 November and the Tyldesley on 25 November both starting at 7pm on BBO. There will be a free entry to a Bolton duplicate for the winners. Please send entries to Linda Hitchen Tel 01204 494506

The Glaister Cup started around 1970 by the third president Thomas Glaister and his sister Miss Margaret Glaister who served under President Alfred Glaister on the inaugural Bolton BC committee. Thomas Glaister was a Conservative Mayor of Bolton from 1949-1950.The Glaisters were one of Bolton's most prosperous and prominent families.Thomas's father George  appears on the 1911 Census as an assistant bleacher, probably in his father’s firm, living with most of the family, a housekeeper and five servants at Breightmet Hall, Bolton. Thomas (1886-1974) lived at Quarlton Farm, Turton.

The Tyldesley Trophy started in 2012 after a bequest from a member Gwendoline Tyldesley of a substantial sum of £2000+ to Bolton BC. The decision at that time was to use the money for a Trophy and to start a competition for players of mid-ability. Gwendoline is believed to have lived at Blackrod House, Chorley Road, Bolton.

Bolton Championship Pairs Wed 2nd Dec at 7pm

The annual Bolton BC Championship Pairs was held on Wednesday 2nd December at 7pm on BBO. There were 12 tables. Congrats to the winners John Simm and Wendy Blyth, second were Paul Evans & Mary Finch, Third Stuart Challinor & Angusr Kirby.

Virtual Christmas Party

Thank you to everyone who attended our Bolton Bridge Club On-Line Christmas Party

Some very festive outfits on show !!

Congratulations to our Bridge prize winners: Marianne & Rhona, Vanessa and Sheila M, and Terry & Jeff.

Well done to our Quiz experts at Table 3: Rita, Stella, Andy H and Susan
Thanks to our Social Committee for organising the event.

New BBO Login Screen - Don't panic Mr Mainwaring

BBO briefly changed the look of their logon screen when using a web browser on Tuesday 15th to the one shown below.  They hit some performance problems and reverted back to their normal logon screen.  If you see this new look screen don't worry.  Your BBO username and password should still be there if you previously used to see them.  Just press "Log In" to get to the site.   


New BBO Login Screen - Don't panic Mr Mainwaring
Bridge at Christmas
Bridge at Christmas

Below is our Christmas schedule of Bridge. All games are on BBO. Our normal schedule will continue until Wednesday 23rd December and resumes on Saturday January 2nd 2021

Thursday 24th Dec No Bridge  
Friday 25th No Bridge  
Saturday 26th No Bridge  
Sunday 27th Bolton 2pm
Monday 28th Bolton 2pm
Tuesday 29th BPS 11am
Tuesday 29th Bolton 2pm
Wednesday 30th BPS 2pm
Thursday 31st BPS 11am
Friday 1st January Bolton 2pm