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Members will be aware of how much work goes on both visibly and behind the scenes to ensure smooth operation of the club - in numerous areas such as directing, dealing, refreshments and finance - to name just a few. An area where more help would be welcome is in members volunteering to host occasionally especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The hosting system (which is a condition of membership) where feasible has been well used since its inception many many years back with many members  benefiting and forming new friendships and bridge partnerships through its use. However there is a risk that we may not be able to continue if more members don't come forward and volunteer to take on the role of host. So - if you play regularly and don't make a contribution to the running of the club in any other way - then please consider hosting every few months - even if you have no intention of using it yourself. Don't be afraid of doing so, we encourage hosts and hosted to agree simple systems to play on the night and to adopt a "no blame approach"!

Please simply identify a date when you are free and put your name on the list on the noticeboard.
If you'd like to discuss the way this operates then please speak to any committee member.

Directors needed please!

The Club is in urgent need of more Directors. We are not asking anyone to go on a Directors course but anyone who could facilitate a duplicate session with enough basic knowledge on rules and the various movements. Please let yourself be known! Thank you.

Member Only Facility


There is a Members Only facility available on the Website. These support features are not available to the general public.

  • A Messages Tab allowing members to enter and view messages, such as "I am looking for a partner for next week".
  • The "List of Members" Tab showing details of registered members.
  • "Account" Tab to allow users to change their details.
  • "Download" Tab to request results by email.
  • “Results” Tab to view recent results.
  • “Ranking” Tab to view club rankings
  • “Find a Partner” Tab to check for members looking for partner for a future match.

The registration process has been amended recently. You first need to pass your Email address to the adminstrator Brian Perry (Email: so it is present in the Member Database. After that:

On the Membership > Members Area login screen, enter your Email and click [Register] to obtain your Member Registration Code. This will be delivered to you in an Email. You can then use your own password when registered..



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Fylde League Players
Fylde League Players

Division 1                                                     Division 2

Bolton A – Jeff Smith                                 Bolton B – Steve Fanning

Jeff Smith                                                                   Catherine Ashworth

John Morrell                                                                John Ashworth

Paul Evans                                                                  Irene Bowers

Alan Whittam                                                             Steve Fanning

Angus Kirby                                                               Alan Frost

Stuart Challinor                                                           Barbara Heaton

Tony Wilkinson                                                           Bill Oldbury

Des King                                                                     Brian Perry

Mike Nicholson                                                           Chris Pickup

Rhona Goldenfield                                                     Trevor Turner

Marianne Farr                                                              Paul Vose

Stuart Norris                                                                Linda Wilson

Rod Greenhalgh                                                          


Division 3                                                      Division 4

Bolton C – Duncan Ault                              Bolton D – Heather Carr

Duncan Ault                                                               Heather Carr

Diane Ault                                                                  John Pingree

Steve Hazlitt                                                               Ken Wood

Dave Morris                                                                Dave Thomson

Ken Rigg                                                                     Ken Hardman

Bob Collins                                                                 Jay Cooper

Clive Henderson                                                         Vanessa Openshaw

Barbara Henderson                                                     Sheila Monks                         

Linda Hitchen                                                             Barbara Matthews

Paul Vose                                                                    Andrew Cafferty

Ailsa Hurst                                                                

Players can represent more than one of a club’s teams within the League season with the proviso that, once a player has made 3 appearances for higher ranking teams, he/she can no longer play for a lower ranking team. League status will take precedence over club status – e.g. Preston C would take precedence over Preston B if the former were in Division 1 and the latter in Division 2 BUT Preston B would take precedence over Preston C if they were in the same division.Please e-mail the result to with a copy to David Pendlebury on as soon as possible so that the web-site can be updated.