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Wainwright Cup 24 August 2018
Wainwright Cup 24 August 2018

Bolton A beat Brierfield A in the final on 24th August 2018 to win the 2018 Wainwright Cup. The winning team in photo (l to r) were A Whittam, J Smith, P Evans, J Morrell, M Nicholson, S Challinor, D King, T.Wilkinson with help from A Kirby, B Dormand in earlier rounds. Previously Bolton teams have won this cup in 2013 (Bolton C), 2015 (Bolton B) and 2016 (Bolton A).


English Bridge and Education (EBED) is committed to encouraging more people to take up bridge, especially young people, as well as building the infrastructure which will make that aim a reality. We know that Sims in aid of charity are popular, so we hope this event will be particularly be well supported as the entry fees will go to supporting a charity dedicated to the development of bridge in England.The events are organised by the EBU on behalf of EBED.

CONGRATULATIONS to Linda Hitchen & Wendy Blyth who finished 11th in the Overall EBED Rankings. Also to Paul Evans & Mary Finch who won the Bolton heat NS and are finished 16th overall.

Charity Event

On Sunday 21st October the Club ran a charity event in support of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team. A member of the Mountain Rescue Team had, earlier in the year, provided training for a number of club members on the use of the defibrilator now held in the club. This training was provided free of charge.

Above: Ollie distributing practice hands.


The event took the form of a tutorial, delivered by Ollie Burgess, on the subject of negative doubles. This was followed by a series of fiendish practice hands prepared by Ollie. After the stimulating and thought provoking bridge, afternoon tea was served and everyone reverted to relax mode.



If only the Directors table looked like this every session.                   Above: Enjoying tea and a chat.                                                                Above: The serious stuff


Our thanks go to Ollie for his superb instruction and to Cath Ashworth and the team who co-ordinated this event. I understand that over £150 was raised for this worthy cause.

Sue Hyman wins the 2018 Cedric Young Ladder

The Cedric Young Ladder ran on Thursdays from 4/10/18 to 13/12/18. The highest average of at least 8 scores determined the winner.
In a nailbiting finish, the three leading players all contested the final weeks duplicate which was won by Sue Hyman thus retaining her lead.
1st.  Sue Hyman  57.72
2nd. Sue Whittam 56.29
3rd. John Morrell 55.95

Full positions on Competitions page.