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BBO Player Guide
Registering and Playing on BBO
1. There are three ways to play online:
  • You can install the BBO software on your desktop or laptop computer by searching for “” in your browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge etc). From the top result, click on the subtitle ‘Install Bridgebase Online’, then follow their instructions,
  • To play on your iPad or tablet you can download the BBO app,
  • You can play online without installing anything. In your browser, go to and click on ‘Play Bridge Now’.

2. To play, you need an account. Click on ‘Become a Member’ and create a User Name (it needs to be unique so choose something distinctive that your partner can easily recognise). You must also create a password and provide your email address. It is recommended to provide your real name, but ignore ‘ACBL number’. You can include a brief summary of the system you play in ‘Other’, but you can do this later when you have seen what others include here. You can also select a skill level or leave it Private, and Country can be England or Great Britain. Then click to agree to Terms of Service and click on ‘Register’.

Before you can log in, you will receive an email containing a registration confirmation which you should accept.

3. Playing online is simple and intuitive as nearly everything happens automatically - have a practice with Solitaire bridge. The bids you make and the cards you play are a matter of just clicking on each. You alert your own bids for your opponents (see below), and it is impossible to revoke! 

4. It is advisable to open an account (it is in Dollars) to provide funds to make payments. You can pay via a credit card or Pay Pal - click on the BB$ button on the top right of the screen and follow the instructions to do this.

5. For our Bolton Bridge Club online duplicates, it will simply be a matter of registering your intention to play (with your partner) before the start  and you will be invoiced monthly account.

Further information: 

● Self-alerting - when you make an alertable bid you have to alert it yourself, so describe it in the bidding box before you enter your bid (e.g. type in ‘12-14’, then bid 1NT). The opposition will be able to see the explanation, but your partner will not. If you forget to put an explanation in the bidding box (opponents may ask for one), you can click on the bid and then you will be able to add an explanation. 

● If you mis-key, you can change a bid or a play by using ‘Undo’. Click on the blue box with 3 horizontal lines at the top left to find the Undo option. You need to ask to Undo before your opponents have bid or played, and your opponents will both have to agree.

● Your Profile settings can be changed at any time through the ‘Account’ tab (usually at the right hand side or along the bottom). On the Account page there is another row of tabs including ‘Settings’ where you can turn on options to ‘Confirm Bids’ and ‘Confirm cards’. Switching these on makes it less likely you will make bids or play cards by mistake.

● If you use the ‘History tab’, this allows you to look at the hands you have played and what others did.


BBO Manners

Playing BBO Online bridge presents certain challenging behaviour patternss.

1)  Everyone is looking for a fun and friendly game, so if you notice someone who you feel is being particularly unpleasant, you should report them to the TD and/or to the organising committee. What you must NOT do is make accusations or your own law rulings at the table.

2) There is nothing wrong with talking to the table, your partner, your opponents within reason  Some BBO jargon : WDP – Well done partner :HLP – Hard luck partner : GLP – Good luck partner :WPP – Well played partner :TYP – Thank you partner :“Thinking” (if you know you are taking some time over a decision).

3) You should announce your basic system at the start of each round, with say "WeakNT, 3 weak2s"if nothing else

4) Undos are generally allowed at all times since misclicks are fairly frequent. In any doubtful case, best to call the TD.

5) If a bid is not alerted, then it  is assumed natural - if you feel damaged at the end of play call the TD.

6) Slow play and failure to claim will happen due to the nature of the online game, so be patient and make allowance!

BBO Guidelines
  • Undos for carding mis-clicks will be allowed.  These must only be for mechanical errors and not a change of mind.  If the mis-click request is not allowed by the opponents, then the TD should be called.  This policy will be reviewed after 3 months.
  • Compliance with the online alerting requirements with 3 overriding principles: 
  1. At the start of a round please give an overview of your system.  Something like “Acol, 3 Wk2s, Weak NT, Standard leads, standard signals and discards (HELD), Weak jump overcalls”. You can keep this line in your paste buffer to use from round to round, if you don’t want to keep typing it in.
  2. Every time you make a conventional bid you need to alert and explain it.  You also need to alert 1N and 2N opening ranges and when you open 2 of a suit.  Because your partner can’t see your explanation, you should err on the side of over-alerting online.
  3. You can request an explanation of a bid by clicking on the bid.  If you don’t get an answer mail the opponent using Chat and ask him/her.  Don’t worry about asking one opponent for an explanation of a bid or a signal. As long as you send the message to the opponent who made the bid or play, only he/she will see it and there will be no danger of unauthorised information being passed.
  • Restricted events – please respect the NGS guidelines for the Monday afternoon, Thursday evening and Friday afternoon sessions.