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24th Nov 2020 16:51 GMT
Committee Minutes
21st Nov 2020 11:48 GMT
Congratulations Ken Hardman / Barbara Matthews on winning the 2020 Glaister Cup!
From Sun 22nd Nov -- 6:55pm start for all (Bolton and BPS) Evening Duplicates!
From next Monday 23rd November all our evening games (Bolton and BPS) start at 6:55pm (and we mean 6:55pm rather than 7pm for good reason) following a number of requests for earlier starts.  It should help alleviate the recent issues some of you have been finding on a very busy BBO site, such as last Monday evening.
A quick reminder that we are playing our special Bolton-only competitions for the next 2 Wednesdays on BBO:
     *  This Wednesday (25th) is the Tyldsley Cup at 6:55pm -   for any recent beginners and NGS grades 10 and below
     *  2nd December is our Championship Pairs open to all Bolton players starting at (you guessed it) 6:55pm!
Enjoy your bridge, keep safe and well, and don't forget to give us some feedback on preferred timings for RealBridge sessions :)
Last updated : 23rd Nov 2020 21:01 GMT
Glaister Cup 18 November / Tyldesley Cup 25 November 2020 on BBO

There were six tables in the annual Bolton Glaister Cup competition. Congratulations to Ken Hardman and Barbara Matthews who won in style with a 69% set, Gerrard Gaffey and Sheila Wilkinson finished 2nd on 60%. Full results available as normal.

The annual Glaister Cup is open  to players with NGS 6 and below and the Tyldesley Cup is for players NGS 10 and below. The Glaister Cup is scheduled on 18 November and the Tyldesley on 25 November both starting at 7pm on BBO. There will be a free entry to a Bolton duplicate for the winners. Please send entries to Linda Hitchen Tel 01204 494506

The Glaister Cup started around 1970 by the third president Thomas Glaister and his sister Miss Margaret Glaister who served under President Alfred Glaister on the inaugural Bolton BC committee. Thomas Glaister was a Conservative Mayor of Bolton from 1949-1950.The Glaisters were one of Bolton's most prosperous and prominent families.Thomas's father George  appears on the 1911 Census as an assistant bleacher, probably in his father’s firm, living with most of the family, a housekeeper and five servants at Breightmet Hall, Bolton. Thomas (1886-1974) lived at Quarlton Farm, Turton.

The Tyldesley Cup started in 2012 after a bequest from a member Gwendoline Tyldesley of a substantial sum of £2000+ to Bolton BC. The decision at that time was to use the money for a Cup and to start a competition for players of mid-ability. Gwendoline is believed to have lived at Blackrod House, Chorley Road, Bolton.

Last updated : 19th Nov 2020 10:15 GMT
Realbridge Sunday Nights from November 22 onwards

We will be holding Realbridge sessions each Sunday from November 22nd at 7pm for our Bolton Club members. Link will be via associated Calendar entry under 'More Info'
Thank You to everyone who played on Saturday's Realbridge Trial.  The results can be found in the Results section of the website.

Last updated : 23rd Nov 2020 21:00 GMT
Bolton Championship Pairs Wed 2nd Dec at 7pm

The annual Bolton BC Championship Pairs will be held on Wednesday 2nd Decemeber at 7Pm on BBO. Pls send entries to Linda Hitchen Tel 01204 494506

Last updated : 19th Nov 2020 10:26 GMT
Ecats Children in Need Pairs - Thursday 12th November 2020 at 7:15pm
Ecats Children in Need Pairs - Thursday 12th November 2020 at 7:15pm

There were 16 Tables which raised £160 for Children In Need. Local Results NS Glenn Oliver and Liz Wattleworth, EW Rosanna & John Roberts winners,. Thanks for all who took part. The commentary will be published on the ECatsBridge website at 10pm – at

Last updated : 19th Nov 2020 10:25 GMT
We hope you are keeping well and safe during this current lockdown period.
In this newsletter:  The Glaister Cup, Bolton-only Tuesday new start time, regular RealBridge sessions start.
The Bolton-only Glaister Cup is being held this week on Wednesday 18th November at 6:55pm on BBO.  It is for players with NGS of 0 to 6.
The following Wednesday 25th November at 6:55pm we have the Bolton-only Tyldsley Cup for NGS 0 -10. 
Our Championship Pairs is being held on Wednesday 2nd December at 6:55pm open to all Bolton players.  We hope many of you will come along to support this event.
Entry price for all events is the standard £2.50
As a reminder our Tuesday evening Bolton-only games have an earlier start time at 6:55pm - we choose these slightly odd times to avoid issues on BBO of many games starting exactly on the hour.  This starts tomorrow - Tuesday 17th November at 6:55pm.
Our Realbridge taster sessions have proved very popular, and we are committed to have some Bolton-only RealBridge games each week as well as BBO games.
Starting this Sunday 22nd November, there will be a Bolton-only RealBridge game every Sunday at 7pm.  Entry fee is the normal £2.50    We welcome your feedback on when other games could be held during the week.
Thank you for your continuing support for our Online Bridge sessions and Bolton Bridge Club in general.
Last updated : 19th Nov 2020 10:16 GMT
BPS Competition Update November 2020


a)   Quarterly championship pairs in two categories – Open, NGS 10 and below.

       Heats on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of Nov, Dec & Jan
       Starts Mon 2nd November
       Best 4 scores with the same partner
       Prizes £10 per player as free BPS sessions to each player

b)   Single session Mens Pairs on Wed 11 Nov
c)   Single session Ladies Pairs on Wed 9 Dec
d)   Single session Mixed Pairs on Wed 13 Jan

 For each of b), c) and d) there are two Categories - Open and NGS 10 and below
  Prizes of £2:50 per player paid as free session to the leading partnership

Swiss Pairs
The Swiss pairs on 2nd Tuesday per month Swiss pairs will revert back to MP from November

Undos on BPS
Undos should only be requested for bidding mis-clicks i.e. you shouldn’t request an undo for a carding mis-click

Thursday Evening beginner's sessions
14 boards, start 7:30pm on Thursday 5 November

Christmas/New Year
There will be no BPS sessions on Thu 24, Fri 25, Sat 26, Sun 27, Mon 28 December and Fri 1 January

Last updated : 17th Nov 2020 10:35 GMT

Next BPS Game Wednesday 25th November at 2pm (Open)

Next Bolton Game Tuesday 24th November at 6:55pm

Tyldesley Cup Wednesday 25th November at 6:55pm

Entry fee is £2:50 for sessions other than Charity events.

Day Time BOLTON Events Scorer
Tue 6:55pm Bolton As Below
Thu 2:55pm Bolton As Below
Sun 6:55pm Bolton-RealBridge As Below
Mon 2pm BPS Restricted SH
Mon 6:55pm BPS Open (Graded) SH
Tue 11am BPS Open As Below
Wed 2pm BPS Open BP
Thu 11am BPS Open As Below
Thu 6:55pm BPS Beginners SH/BP/JS
Fri 2pm BPS Restricted BP
Sat 6:55pm BPS Open (Graded) JS
Sun 2pm BPS Open JS

 All 9 x 2 boards except for Monday Beginners 6 x 3 boards and Thursday Beginners 7 x 2 boards.
Masterpoint Awards for all games.

Bolton TD Rota
Date   Time Event TD
Tue 24 Nov 6:55pm Bolton Open SJH
Wed 25 Nov 6:55pm Bolton Tyldesley PE
Thu 26 Nov 2:55pm Bolton Open JS
Thu 26 Nov 6:55pm BPS Beginners SJH
Sun 29 Nov 6:55pm Bolton Realbridge SJH
Tue 1 Dec 6:55pm Bolton Open BP
Wed 2 Dec 6:55pm Bolton Champ Pairs JS
Thu 3 Dec 2:55pm Bolton Open SD
Thu 3 Dec 6:55pm BPS Beginners SJH
Sun 6 Dec 6:55pm Bolton Realbridge BP
Tue 8 Dec 6:55pm Bolton Open SJH
Thu 10 Dec 2:55pm Bolton Open PE
Thu 10 Dec 6:55pm BPS Beginners SJH
Sun 13 Dec 6:55pm Bolton Realbridge SJH
Mon 14 Dec 6:30pm Christmas Party JS
Tue 15 Dec 6:55pm Bolton Open SD
Thu 17 Dec 2:55pm Bolton Open JS
Thu 17 Dec 6:55pm BPS Beginners SJH
Sun 20 Dec 6:55pm Bolton Realbridge BP
Tue 22 Dec 6:55pm Bolton Open SD
Sun 27 Dec 2pm Bolton Open JS?
Mon 28 Dec 2pm Bolton Open BP?
Tue 29 Dec 2pm Bolton Open SD?
Fri 1st Jan 2pm Bolton Open PE?
Sun 3rd Jan 6:55pm Bolton RealBridge SJH




BPS Online Restricted
Scorer: Bill Wattleworth
BPS Online Open
Scorer: Bill Wattleworth
BPS Online
Scorer: Bill Wattleworth
24th November 2020
BPS Online Imps
24th November 2020
Bolton Online
25th November 2020
BPS Online
Scorer: BP