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Next BPS game Friday 2nd October at 2pm (Restricted)

Next Bolton-Only Game Thursday 6th October at 7:25pm

Last updated : 1st Oct 2020 17:33 BST
Manners Maketh BBO

Playing BBO Online bridge presents certain challenging behaviour patterns which players may forget and overstep the EBU Best Behaviour guidelines.

1)  No one is out to get you. Hopefully everyone is looking for a fun and friendly game, so if you notice someone who you feel is being particularly unpleasant, you should report them to the TD and/or to the organising committee. What you must NOT do is make accusations or your own law rulings at the table.

2) There is nothing wrong with talking to the table, or your partner, or your opponents. You may congratulate partner within reason as long as it isn't gloating or incessant without need. Some BBO jargon : WDP – Well done partner :HLP – Hard luck partner : GLP – Good luck partner :WPP – Well played partner :TYP – Thank you partner :“Thinking” (it is courteous to let the opponents and partner know if you are taking some time over a decision) : is perfectly acceptable.

3) Undos are generally allowed at all times since misclicks are fairly frequent. In any doubtful case, best to call the TD. Interrogation of the perpetrator is not generally appropriate.

4) Sarcastic or patronising comments are highly deprecated. Recent examples relayed to me are "Haven't you got a claim button?", "Even I can cash my two winners in the 3 card ending", "You should have made that after opponents' bad defence", "Yes well played cashing you 10 tricks, when 12 were cold",  "Please keep your comments to yourself", "Did I ask your opinion?" etc. One particular issue is explanations of unalerted calls (unless you really need to know). If a bid is not alerted, then it  is assumed natural - if you really feel damaged at the end of play call the TD and let him deal with it.

5) It is polite to introduce yourself and your system at the start of each round, but this can get tedious, so there is absolutely no problem with "Hi, weakNT, 3 weak2s" at the start and nothing else. There are many players who don't chat or want to chat much but that is entirely their prerogative and should in no way be deemed discourteous.

6) Slow play and failure to claim is technically an offence in F2F bridge, but due to the nature of the online game, I would not consider that an issue, although a certain kind of player will find this galling at times!

Enjoy your bridge but try not to upset other people at the online table. If you have any specific questions please send to Jeffrey Smith at

Last updated : 20th Sep 2020 00:03 BST
EBU Virtual Sim Pairs - Thursday 23 July 11am

The EBU Summer Sim Pairs took place in the BPS session on Thursday 23rd July at 11am, hosted on BBO. NS Winners were M Farr & J Morrell and EW Winners were Ann Adkin and Kevin Holden.  The overall results, commentaries are on the EBU site (Sim Pairs) at EBU Sims

Last updated : 27th Jul 2020 11:48 BST
Charity Event Tuesday 29 Sept 2020

Thanks to all who played in this charity event - we hope you enjoyed it.. There was a high attendance of 16 Tables.  Congratulations to the NS Winners John Simm and Wendy Blyth and EW Winners Alan Whittam and John Morrell. Bolton will pass the £75 raised from its players to Bolton Hospice. Click Hands for the hand commentaries for this event (courtesy of Cambridge Bridge Club)

BBO Sessions

Entry fee is £2:50 for all sessions. Bolton-only sessions Tuesday 7:25pm, Thursday 2:55pm.  Other sessions joint with Preston/Southport BC.  Restricted Monday, Friday 2pm.  MPs, NGS for BPS Monday/Saturday evening sessions. MPs for all other sessions. All Sessions 9 x 2 boards except for Monday Beginners 6 x 3 boards.

Day Event Scorer
Mon 2pm BPS Restricted NGS 6- SH
Mon 7:30pm BPS (Graded) SH
Tue 11am BPS As Below
Tue 7:25pm Bolton Only As Below
Wed 2pm BPS BP
Thu 11am BPS As Below
Thu 2:55pm Bolton Only As Below
Fri 2pm BPS Restricted NGS 10- BP
Sat 7:30pm BPS (Graded) JS
Sun 2pm BPS JS


TD Rota for Bolton Games
Date TD Scorer
Tue 29 Sep Brian Brian
Thu 1st Oct Sandra Sandra
Tue 6 Oct Brian Brian
Thu 8 Oct Sandra Sandra
Tue 13 Oct Stephen Stephen
Thu 15 Oct Sandra Sandra
Tue 20 Oct Stephen Stephen
Thu 22 Oct Paul Jeff
Tue 27 Oct Brian Brian
Thu 29 Oct Jeff Jeff
Tue 3 Nov Brian Brian
Thu 5 Nov Sandra Sandra


Bolton Online
Director: SD
Scorer: SED
BPS Online
Scorer: SED
BPS Online
Scorer: Christine Booth
2nd October 2020
BPS Online Restricted
Scorer: BP
3rd October 2020
BPS Online
Scorer: JS
4th October 2020
BPS Online
Scorer: JS