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27th Feb 2021 11:24 GMT
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24th Feb 2021 20:25 GMT
2021 is Bolton BC's 75th anniversary (Diamond Jubilee). We will be holding a series of events during the year to celebrate this milestone!
Diamond Jubilee Mens/Ladies Pairs 3rd March 2021

The Diamond Jubilee Mens and Ladies Pairs competitions will be held on on Wednesday 3rd March 2021 on BBO. Please add your entry in the list below. We  will run as separate competitions as long as entries make that sensible. 

Last updated : 24th Feb 2021 19:36 GMT
NewsLetter 15Feb21
We hope you are keeping safe and well and looking forward to hearing about the roadmap from Boris on Monday.  Before that here's a few things happening in our Online Bridge in the weeks ahead:
Our Diamond Jubilee events continue on Wednesday March 3rd at 6:55pm with the Mens Pairs and Ladies Pairs.  As well as chance to have your name in lights, we will be giving prizes for the best results.   To help us run these popular events, please can you sign-up on our website using the boxes on the top story on the main page, so we know how many pairs to expect.
From March 1st the price of the Lancashire BPS games will rise to £3.00 per game.  Bolton games will remain the same at £2.50 per session.   This is because the costs of running Lancashire BPS games have gone up (by more than 50p) when we moved to using our new TDs, who pay BBO for the use of their service.   This move gives us a number of benefits including an unlimited number of pairs per event, and a more stable service when BBO is busy.
Our Improver Lessons with John Stell have proved very popular in the early weeks. Tomorrow's lesson is on Puppet Stayman.  If you would like to come along to them you need to be registered with John.  Lessons are priced at £5.00 each and you only pay for the ones you attend.   Please reply to this email if you want more information.

We are looking to organise some beginner lessons if we have sufficient interest.  If you have friends or relations who might be interested in learning bridge, please let us know so we can gauge the level of interest.
Our Annual General Meeting will be held at the end of March using online video conferencing.  Details of this will be sent out over the next couple of weeks.
Enjoy your bridge whether socially or in duplicate sessions.
Last updated : 19th Feb 2021 11:06 GMT
Congratulations - BPS Men's Pairs Winners

Thank you to everyone who played in the Lancashire BPS Mens Pairs event on Wednesday 10th February.

It was a clean sweep for Bolton players. Congratulations go to:

Overall Winners:   Mike Nicholson and Rod Greenhalgh

NGS 10 & below Winners:  Roy Goddard and Alan Talbot

Last updated : 16th Feb 2021 13:16 GMT

The next two lessons with John Stell will be as follows:

Friday 5th March at 7.15 pm - Subject - Declarer Card Play - Suit Combinations

Friday 12th March at 7.15 pm - Subject - More Transfers

If you would like to attend and haven't already registered with John pease email to  Please do this in plenty of time for inclusion- thank you.

Last updated : 27th Feb 2021 11:24 GMT
BPS Spring Competitions 2021

The new series of Lancashire BPS competition events starts in February. They are open to all registered BPS online players. The Open Championships will be held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month over 6 sessions. The Mens, Ladies and Mixed competitions will be held on the 2nd Wednesday respectively of each month.

Open Championship Monday Feb 1,15, March 1,15, April 5,19
Men’s Pairs Championship Wednesday February 10th
Ladies Pairs Championship Wednesday March 10th
Mixed Pairs Championship Wednesday April 14th

Anybody can play on any of these dates but a prize will be given for the best pair in the category Open and Under 10 (average for the pair) In the relevant month. No pair can win more than one prize so if an Under 10 pair is the overall winner they will not count in the Under 10. Prizes will be given in the form of a free BPS session. Any disputes will be decided by the BPS committee whose decision is final. All winners appear on the Southport BPS Honors Board.

Last updated : 1st Feb 2021 22:17 GMT

Forthcoming Games (BBO unless stated)

Thursday 25th BPS 11am
Thursday 25th Bolton 2:55pm
Thursday 25th BPS (6- NGS) 7x2 6:55pm
Friday 26th BPS (10- NGS) 2pm
Saturday 27th BPS 6:55pm
Sunday 28th BPS 2pm
Monday 1st Mar BPS (10- NGS) 2pm
Monday 1st Mar BPS 6:55pm
Tuesday 2nd BPS 11am
Tuesday 2nd Bolton 6:55pm
Wednesday 3rd BPS 2pm
Wednesday 3rd

Diamond Jubilee

Ladies Pairs

Mens Pairs

Thursday 4th BPS 11am
Thursday 4th Bolton 2:55pm
Thursday 4th BPS (6- NGS) 7x2 6:55pm

All 9 x 2 boards except where stated. Masterpoint Awards and NGS for all games.

Bolton TD Rota
Date   Time TD
Tue 23 Feb 6:55pm SD
Wed 24 Feb 6:55pm SH
Thu 25 Feb 2:55pm JS
Tue 2 Mar 6:55pm BP
Wed 3 Mar 6:55pm SH
Thu 4 Mar 2:55pm SD
Tue 9 Mar 6:55pm JS
Wed 10 Mar 6:55pm SH
Thu 11 Mar 2:55pm SD
Tue 16 Mar 6:55pm BP
Wed 17 Mar 6:55pm PE
Thu 18 Mar 2:55pm SH
Tue 23 Mar 6:55pm JS
Wed 24 Mar 6:55pm PE
Thu 25 Mar 2:55pm BP
Tue 30 Mar 6:55pm JS
Wed 31 Mar 6:55pm SH
Thu 1 Apr 2:55pm JS

BPS Scoring  

Monday         SH
Tuesday         Bolton TD
Wednesday   Bolton TD
Thursday       Bolton TD
Friday            BP
Saturday       JS
Sunday         JS


Undos in Bolton Event

The Bolton Tournament committee would like to make it quite clear that in all Bolton events, Undos in bidding and play must ALWAYS be allowed. Given the nature of online bridge, we feel it unfair to refuse a request which invariably will be due to a mechanical error. If you wish to dispute this, then you must STILL allow it but call the TD before the end of hand to get a ruling. 

BPS Online
Scorer: JAS
BPS Online
Scorer: JAS
BPS Online Restricted
Scorer: BP