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Looking for a partner?


Make sure you have an up to date list of member telephone numbers (ask Gill if you need one)


 Use the members only section of website to request a partner (ask Gill if you need help)

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If you have a smart phone join the club's Whatsapp group. Just let Gill know you want to be added to it.


Ring Gill at home on  

0151 924 0868

or send her a text to 

0798 117 0515

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Ask the TD to announce at start of a session


Documents and notices for you to download
EBU Code of Conduct - Best Behaviour @ Bridge

In 2017 the EBU Board updated Best Behaviour at Bridge (BB@B), the 'code of conduct' they expect to be followed in all games of bridge.  A breach of the fundamental principles of BB@B is now an offence which could be punished under the Disciplinary Rules in the Byelaws.

The latest version of BB@B is available here