Release 2.19q

We have recently updated our computer and software.  This page is being used for testing the implementation of some new features.  It goes without saying that we cannot guarantee that these features will work properly.

Bridgemate App

We have facilitated personal access to your scores and results using a proprietary app from Bridgemates.  For more details see 

To use this you will need to:

  • Download and install the app on your device.
  • From within the app apply to join our club (Merseyside - Blundellsands)
  • Provide your details including the player number used in the Bridgemates.
  • After that your membership will have to be verified manually by the club so there may be some delay.
  • After joining you should be able to access any session that your player number is used in.

Let us know how you find this and what you think of it.  This is a free app but we cannot vouch for their future intentions.

The scores shown in the app are taken from the data entered into the Bridgemates and will not necessarily reflect any corrections and/or adjustments that are made to the final scores

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