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Tallon Handicap Trophy

This is the only competition we have that uses player handicaps


Each player's handicap is calculated automatically and updated at the end of every calendar month using the player's results over the previous twelve months.  We aggregate all of the percentage results achieved by a player in normal club pairs events over the previous twelve months.  The resultant total, divided by the number of sessions involved, gives us a mean average percentage.  This average, relative to a baseline of 50%, gives us the handicap for the ensuing month.  In some cases the handicap will be positive and in other cases it will be negative.

For each partnership playing in a handicap session the result is adjusted by the average of the two players' individual handicaps.  This is added or subtracted to their score for that particular session to produce the handicapped result.

Players who are achieving above average results should have a negative handicap effectively reducing their scores.  Less experienced players should have a positive handicap effectively increasing their scores.

In summary, handicaps are based on a rolling twelve month average which is updated monthly.  At the end of each calendar month an updated handicap is calculated which will then apply for the ensuing month.  The revised handicap will use the percentage scores from standard pairs events in the previous twelve months with the scores from the month just ended introduced into the calculation in place of the scores from thirteen months ago which fall out of the calculation.

  In most cases we anticipate that new players will start without any handicap and will effectively generate their own handicap by the beginning of their second month.  Any experienced players who join the club may be allocated a starting handicap taking into account that experience their grades in the National Grading Scheme and/or Masterpoint rank.

Results from non-standard events such as teaching or introductory sessions will be excluded from the handicap calculation.

Prior to 1st July 2014 we used a different system of handicapping

Former winners of the Tallon Handicap Trophy


 YEAR   WINNER                   
 2019   Richard Peate Results
 2018   Earl O'Keeffe Results
 2017   Mike Wilson Results
 2016   David Burrows Results
 2015   Marjorie Newman Results
 2014   Tony Pearson  
 2013   Tony Pearson Results
 2012   Tony Pearson  
 2011   David Williams and John Carr (tie) Results
 2010   Tony Pearson  
 2009   Ann Gregory  
 2008   John Higgins and Gill Clarkson (tie)  
 2007   Joyce Kennedy
 2006   Robert Roberts
 2005   Maureen Foster
 2004   John Rowland
 2003   John Roberts
 2002   John Roberts
 2001   Charles Crossland
 2000   David Edwards
 1999   Ron Higgins
 1998   Shirley Stott
 1997   Dorothy Beach  
 1996   Gareth Thomas
 1995   Peter Lloyd
 1994   N. Bramham
 1993   John Bramham
 1992   Margaret Gilbertson
 1991   Betty McCann
 1990   Syvia Bramham
 1989   K. Serafin
 1988   John Bell
 1987   M. Hewitt & E. Rawling (tie)
 1986   Lill Callaghan
 1985   Eileen Webster
 1984   Ray Parkinson & T. Main (tie)
 1983   Dorothy Beach
 1982   Norman Green