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Members Registration
How to access the Members Only pages

We make every effort to keep sensitive information secure.  Details of members names, addresses and phone numbers are therefore kept in an area of this website that can only be accessed by registered members of the club.  The intention is to provide our members with a resource that will help them to contact other members without broadcasting their details to nuisance callers etc.

Before you can access the Members Only pages we must have your e-mail address.  You cannot access the Members Only pages unless we have already entered a valid e-mail address on your membership record.  If we do not have your e-mail address or if you are not sure which e-mail address we have listed please contact the website administrator using the form below.

If we have a valid e-mail address you should proceed to the login page and enter that e-mail address with your password.  If this is the first time that you have logged in you will not have a password but the system has already created a random one for you.  If you enter your e-mail address and press the "forgotten password" button then, providing the e-mail address that you entered agrees with our records, that password will be sent to you at the registered e-mail address. 

Once you have used the password to login you can access your account and change it to suit yourself.  You will also be able to change other details such as your postal address, registered e-mail address and phone number.  You can use the forgotten password button anytime you loose or forget your password providing the e-mail address that you enter matches the one registered here.  If you are having any problems please advise the website administrator using the form below.

None of the changes that you may make to your personal details will to notified to anybody else.  If you change your address you will need to notify the EBU seperately.

Contact the Website administrator
If you have any problems you can use the following form to contact the website administrator: