Release 2.19q
Corrections and appeals

We have been asked to clarify the correction and appeal periods which apply to our Duplicate Bridge sessions.


There are specific correction periods during which errors in the scoring can be challenged.

Interim results are usually posted to our website within 5 minutes of the completion of any event.  In all circumstances we allow a standard principal correction period of 30 minutes during which contestants can challenge any aspect of the score (Law 79C).

After the expiry of this period we cannot accept any application to adjust the results except in so far as there is a manifest error in their compilation attributable to the officials (director and/or scorer) or the equipment used. There is then a further correction period during which we will consider an application to correct any such errors. This will vary depending upon the event concerned:

  • For our usual duplicate evenings which are scored as match pointed pairs we allow 7 days (i.e. until the corresponding event for the next week)
  • For all other events including Simultaneous Pairs and tournament events such as the Eileen Webster Trophy and Preece Rose Bowl we allow the more normal 48 hours.

We must emphasise that these correction periods apply specifically to scoring adjustments. No rectification can be made for any irregularity that occurred during the auction or play unless the director was called at the time, although the director can impose a procedural or disciplinary penalty where the circumstances merit it.


Contestants have no right of appeal unless the director was summoned and has given a ruling.  Any appeal against a Director's ruling must be made within the 30 minute correction period at the end of any session.  Should such an appeal be made the Director shall appoint an Appeals Committee of three experienced players, whose decision shall be final.