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Visitors to Blundellsands Bridge Club...
Visitor Policy

We are more than happy to welcome visitors to most of our sessions subject to the following:  

  • In the unlikely event that we are oversubscribed, members will always have priority over visitors.
  • Visitors may attend on evenings which count towards internal club competitions but they cannot compete for the trophies themselves.* 
  • The scores of any member playing with a visitor will likewise not count towards any internal club competition.*
  • Visitors will always be eligible for any Master Points earned and can participate in any external competitions such as Simultaneous Pairs subject to any requirements imposed by the organisers themselves.
  • Visitors are not eligible to earn any prizes or refunds other than those awarded externally.
  • At the discretion of the Council, any visitor who attends more than three times in any twelve month period may be asked to apply for membership before returning.
  • These regulations do not apply to visiting teams playing in the Merseyside Bridge League or entrants into external competitions or any heats thereof staged at the club, although we always expect anybody playing on the premises in any event whatsoever to comply with the EBU code for Best Behaviour at Bridge
  • Notwithstanding any of the above, as a members club we reserve the absolute right to refuse entry to any person.

* If a visitor subsequently becomes a member of the club we may, at our discretion, reinstate competition scores in the current competition year that would otherwise be invalid under these rules.

Intending visitor(s)
Intending visitor(s)

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