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Looking for a partner?


 Make sure you have an up to date list of member telephone numbers (ask Gill if you need one)


 Use the members only section of website to request a partner (ask Gill if you need help)

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If you have a smart phone join the club's Whatsapp group. Just let Gill know you want to be added to it.


 Ring Gill at home on  

0151 924 0868

or send her a text to 

0798 117 0515

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 Ask the TD to announce at start of a session


Telephone when open - 0751 959 5864
Children in Need
Wednesday 13th November 2019
Simultaneous Pairs for BBC Children in Need Appeal

Children in Need Logo

£7 per member (£8 visitors)

This is a Simultaneous Pairs Event with a difference. The event is organised on a non-profit basis by ECatsBridge.  We have been participating in this charitable fund raiser since the inaugural event in 2002 when Ray Parkinson and Bill Carr came 5th out of the 1,381 pairs who participated.  Since that inaugural event back in 2002 they have been instrumental in raising a total of £ 1,031,381.30 (wonder who gave them 30p?).  This is surely an event which nobody can begrudge the extra cost.

For further information please refer to the organisers web-site.

It would be appreciated if participants arrive in good time so that the director can plan the movement
Visiting pairs are most welcome


New Sunday Session





Sunday afternoon bridge started on  21st July 2019 and was a great success with 5 1/2 tables.

The session is 2pm to 5pm and costs £3 for members and £4 for visitors.

This is less competitive than our evening duplicates with more of a social atmosphere.

We see this as a stepping stone for those members who play in our Thursday morning duplicate and who would like a second game, playing more boards.

Of course, everyone is welcome but we want our experienced players to remember that there will be players of mixed abilities and that it is to be a relaxed informal session.

There will be a host so you can come without a partner

If you prefer to have a pre-arranged partner, speak to Gill.




Learn to play


Come and learn to play bridge at 

Blundellsands Bridge Club, Telegraph House, Crosby

Everyone can learn to play bridge regardless of their age or experience with card games.    You don't have to be clever and you don't need to devote enormous amounts of time to learning - although you might want to as it can be quite addictive!

If you are keen to start learning bridge and begin a pastime that will bring mental stimulation, many new friends and, most of all, lots of fun, come and join us on Wednesday 2nd October at 1.30pm for a free taster session in our comfortable clubroom in the centre of Crosby Village.

The full course following a structured programme with a detailed manual provided by the English Bridge Union (EBU) will begin on Wednesday 9th October and will be tutored by EBU accredited teachers.  The initial series over ten weeks will be £60 (including the manual).

Please contact Ann Brewer on 0151 949 1329 or 07775 821940


Gareth Thomas on 0151 476 2080


Social Duplicate on Thursday Mornings


Cup of Coffee Cup of Coffee

Every Thursday morning 10am to 12:30pm
Come along for some relaxed informal bridge, a cuppa and a chat
Play at a leisurely pace with help on bidding or play available
Partners not required

Any questions contact Ann Brewer on 0151 949 1329

Car parking
Free Parking
 Members and visitors are reminded that there are no parking charges for the use of the Council controlled car parks in Crosby Village after 6 p.m.  Consequently anyone attending one of our evening sessions should be able to park free of charge.
Magazines and Diary

EBU Diary

EBU Diary


Members who have accumulated the necessary entitlement should automatically receive the August 2019 edition of English Bridge together with the 2020 diary.  To reduce costs and wastage the EBU have announced that henceforth they intend to withdraw the automatic issue of these diaries.  Members are advised that from 2020 if they wish to receive a diary they will need to positively opt in.  To do this members will need to login to their My EBU account and check the appropriate tick box, even if they were previously marked to receive it.  The club can assist members with doing this providing that the member has given the club permissions to update their details.  Talk to Gareth if you need any help.


We welcome your feedback

Fri 15th November 2019
Club Duplicate (Peter Reid Cup)
At the club 19:30
Sun 17th November 2019
Sunday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge
At the club 14:00
Host Available
Organiser: Gill Jones
Wed 20th November 2019
Club Duplicate (Tallon Handicap Trophy)
At the club 19:30
Fri 22nd November 2019
Club Duplicate (Championship Trophy)
At the club 19:30
Sun 24th November 2019
Sunday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge
At the club 14:00
Host Available
Organiser: Gill Jones
Wed 27th November 2019
Club Duplicate (Bartholomew Tray)
At the club 19:30
Fri 29th November 2019
Club Duplicate (Fifth Friday)
At the club 19:30
Sun 1st December 2019
Sunday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge
At the club 14:00
Host Available
Organiser: Gill Jones
Wed 4th December 2019
Club Duplicate (Tallon Handicap Trophy)
At the club 19:30
Club Duplicate (Norman Green Trophy) and Children in Need Simultaneous
Sunday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge
Club Duplicate (Pearson Rose Bowl)