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3rd Sep 2020 19:21 BST
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Please look under Information in the menu above for details of our privacy policy and how we look after any information we have.

EBU Masterpoints Promotions latest

There have been several recent promotions for Blaby members in the EBU Masterpoints Promotions list since I last posted them.

Well done to the following:

Gill Ivell - One Star Master
Martin Stone - Advanced Master
Chris Biggs - County Master
Jane Smith - District Master
Malcolm Newel - Area Master
David Ambrose - Club Master

You can see your current status on this and the National Grading Scheme by logging on to My EBU (see Useful Links in menu above).

Play it again

Now that we enter the hands at the Club, why don't you look at the Play it again feature which shows how it should be done - double dummy of course!

Members Only

The Members Only section contains a notice board where you will be able to leave messages for other registered members, advertise for partners, amend your details etc. To register e-mail me at

Bridge Warehouse
Bridge Warehouse

The EBU's shop has undergone a rebranding and is now called the Bridge Warehouse.
This is one of a number of changes which have been made as part of ongoing efforts to increase the shop's revenue, and thus provide more profit for reinvestment by the EBU in providing activities and services for members, clubs and counties.
To visit the site follow this link.


Welcome to Blaby Bridge Club
Two new LCBA online tournaments

The LCBA are advertising two new BBO competitions, namely 

  • Online Stanley - pairs
  • Lockdown Swiss Teams - teams of 4

The Online Stanley does not replace the Stanley Trophy but it is designed for those with a NGS of 10 or more.

The  Lockdown Swiss Teams will consist of between 5 and 7 rounds, each against different teams and up to 2 weeks between each round.

If you are tempted by either or both competitions you can get full details and entry forms on the LCBA website. You can get to the LCBA website by clicking this link.

The Club
The Club

The Club was founded in 1947 by Nora and Harold Toon. Both were keen bowls players so the Bridge Club has always used Blaby Bowling Club as its premises apart from the summer months when bowls takes precedence.
We play every Tuesday starting at 7:15pm prompt. Visitors are always welcome when partnering a member. A pair of visitors are also welcomed. Please contact us if you intend to play.
For directions to the Club look under Information in the menu on the left.

LCBA Annual General Meeting - Via Zoom
LCBA Annual General Meeting  - Via Zoom

As you may know, the LCBA Annual General Meeting, which was due on June 10, had been postponed because of the current pandemic. The LCBA have decided to do as some other counties and clubs have done and hold their AGM using Zoom on Wednesday 30 September 2020 starting at 7:15 p.m. 

In order to take part members need to register by sending your email address to Dave Pollard, LCBA General Secretary, at so that he can email you the Zoom link and relevant papers for the meeting (agenda, minutes of the 2019 AGM and financial report). He will send you a copy of the agenda nearer the time. The LCBA also plan to look forward at the AGM as we navigate our way through the current situation.

Obviously the format will be a little different this year in that they will be unable to present trophies. However, where possible they have already arranged to pay prize money to the players who are eligible. And some things will remain the same.

  • This is your opportunity to put forward any resolutions for discussion, which you should send to Dave at the email address above.
  • The LCBA  welcome nominations to serve on the LCBA Committee for the forthcoming year. It would particularly welcome new blood on the committee, especially from clubs who are currently unrepresented.

Current members of the Committee are:




Dean Benton

Vice Chairman


Immediate Past Chairman

Dave Pollard


Richard Rees

General & Minutes Sec.

Dave Pollard

League Secretary

John Wilcox

Tournament Secretary

Neil Beasley

Fixture Secretary

Dick Pathan

Membership Secretary

Pat Beasley

Education Liaison Sec.

Simon Stokes

Committee Member

David Betterley

Committee Member

Steve Wright

Committee Member


Committee Member


Committee Member


Committee Member


Neil and Pat Beasley have indicated that they will stand down from the Committee in 2021 after many years of service and they are looking for someone to take over their roles. It would be good if their successors could shadow them during the coming year.

Please do not hesitate to get back to Dave if you have any questions.

Tricia and Mike Allsopp Golden Celebrations

Some good news as Tricia and Mike celebrated 50 years of marriage on 8th August. Congratulations to you both.

See them here on their wedding day.

Tricia and Mike Allsopp Golden Celebrations
Virtual LCBA
Virtual LCBA

The LCBA are setting up a Virtual Bridge Club which will start by running fortnightly duplicate sessions on Saturday mornings starting 10:00.  We hope you can support their events. You will need to register with them on the LCBA website.

Online Bridge

As you know, the EBU have responded to the closure of bridge clubs during the present Coronavirus crisis by running EBU games on Bridgebase Online (BBO) every day for the last two months and they say they have been going extremely well.

However, some players have found the competitiveness a bit intimidating so the EBU are going to start a new “9-high relaxed tournament” at 11am every day starting this Monday, May 25th.

There are more details on the EBU website but Gordon Rainsford, Chief Executive of the EBU, gives us the following information about the proposals:

  • Like all our other games, these will be 12 boards costing BB$1.50 each. This not only helps support the EBU but also currently puts 1/3 of the money into a fund specially for supporting our affiliated clubs;
  • They will be aimed at less-experienced players and those who have an NGS no higher than a 9;
  • Only Level 2 agreements will be allowed (no multi 2Ds) and we expect that Acol will be the dominant system, although simple five-card majors systems will be allowed;
  • Players who don’t follow the ethos of the games will be asked not to come back – do tell the TD if your opponents fall into this category;
  • “Undos” will be allowed if you mis-click – but they aren’t intended to allow you to change your mind once you have chosen a call or play, just for mis-clicks.

We know that a number of our “virtual clubs” are planning games like this aimed at similar groups of players and if you are lucky enough to belong to such a club we encourage you to support it by choosing to play in their games rather than ours. However, for those of you who don’t belong to such a club, or who want to play at a different time of day, we hope that having this daily game available for you will be a welcome option.

We have information about getting started with BBO on our website. You are strongly advised to buy $BB on the BBO website and not through an app on a smartphone or tablet because Apple and Google add a hefty surcharge to these transactions.

I do hope to see many of you at these games, either next Monday or on subsequent days, but if you have any questions about them do feel free to get back to me.



Following a committee meeting on Monday 16th March the decision was taken, in common with many other clubs in the area, to close the Club from Tuesday 17th March until further notice. The two league matches due on Wednesday at the Club are also cancelled as are the final matches of the season.

We regret having to take this action, but have no option given the current situation.

Please keep in touch with this website for further information and stay safe.

Final League Tables

As you know both Blaby teams' matches were cancelled from 18th March onwards because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The LCBA, after consultation with League Forum members and the League Sub-Committee, have decided to freeze the league tables as they stand as it is clearly not possible to play any matches in the foreseeable future. Positions are decided on average points per match. Furthermore, as so many matches have been left unplayed they have decided that only one team in each division will be promoted and relegated. This does not affect either of our two teams which both had a decent season - albeit a rollercoaster one for Blaby A.

In Division Two Blaby A team finished in 4th place.

In Division Three, Blaby B finished in 5th place.

You can see all the results and final tables in the menu on the left under Leicestershire League 2019/20

It is extremely unlikely that that a new league season will begin any time soon and in any case it can't happen until club play begins again. 

In the meantime look after yourselves. 


Doreen, our Secretary, has produced the following feedback from our committee meeting:

As members will be aware the Committee decided to close the Club for the foreseeable future due to the Coronavirus.  The AGM scheduled for 14 April has therefore had to be postponed until further notice.

Below are some items that would have been brought to you at the AGM.


Presentations will be made at the AGM when it is eventually held but the prize winners are:

Club Cup              1st          Peter Nuttall and Lloyd Danvers
2nd         Roger Cook and Gerry Bucciero

Toon Cup             1st          Roger Cook and Gerry Bucciero
2nd         Sandy Blades and Val Hodgson


A form for nominating the Club Officers had been circulated and completed at the Club.  All the current officers have been re-nominated.  The Officers have agreed to continue in their present positions until this can be ratified at the re-arranged AGM.

They are:         Chairman:                   Michael Allsopp
                       Treasurer:                   Dave Pollard
Secretary:                   Doreen Arnold
A Team Captain:          John Arnold
B Team Captain:          Neil Beasley
Webmaster:                John Arnold
ota Organiser:          Tricia Allsopp
Dial a Partner:            Doreen Arnold
Committee member:   Chris Bancroft

We will of course notify you when the Club is due to re-open but in the meantime the Committee wish you all to keep safe and well.

Club Cup Round Six
Director: Mike Allsopp
Scorer: Chris Biggs
Club Duplicate
Director: John Arnold
Scorer: John Arnold
Blaby LOROS Charity Pairs
Director: Dave Pollard
Scorer: Dave Pollard
Club Duplicate
Director: Martin Stone
Scorer: Chris Biggs
Club Cup Round Five
Director: Mike Allsopp
Scorer: John Arnold
Club Duplicate
Director: John Arnold
Scorer: John Arnold
Club Duplicate
Director: Dave Pollard
Scorer: John Arnold
Club Duplicate
Director: Mike Allsopp
Scorer: Dave Pollard
Club Cup Round Four
Club Duplicate
Director: Dave Pollard
Scorer: Chris Biggs
Club Duplicate
Director: Dave Pollard
Scorer: Dave Pollard
Club Duplicate
Director: Mike Allsopp
Scorer: John Arnold