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NEBA Summer Pairs

Frank Bouweraerts
Irina Hendrickx

EBU Northern Easter Congress
2023 Third Place

Brian Myers
Denise Barham-Hall


Latner Trophy 2023 Winners
Dave Thompson
John Gray

Carpenter Cup 2023 Winners
Denise Barham-Hall
John Bernard Portwood

Anniversary Trophy 2023 Winners
John Bernard Portwood
Denise Barham-Hall

Walker Bowl 2023 Winners
Ann Squires
Alison Young

Godfrey Award 2023

Frank Bouweraerts & Irina Hendrickx

Masterpoints Trophy 2023
Audrey Bainbridge



AGM 2016 Captain's Report

Bishop Auckland Bridge Club

Captain’s Report for 2015/6 League season


After finding the opposition tough in Division B of the Neba league in the 2014/15 season, (losing our last 2 games, 19-1 and 20-0,) and being relegated, we have performed much better in Division C in the 2015/16 season.

Results: St Georges        won  16-4

              Brunton C        won  18-2

              Newcastle A     won  14-6

              Stockton A       won  15-5

We are currently top of the league and have to play Morpeth B who are 8 points below us.

 I had great support from the Club members in providing personnel for the team and 11 players have taken part with Michael Crowe and Denise Barham Hall making their debuts.   

Roger Carpenter

Team Captain