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NEBA Gazette

Joan Crompton
Irene Burns

NEBA Swiss Pairs

Joan Crompton
Irene Burns

Margaret Watts
Memorial Trophy

Audrey Bainbridge


Latner Trophy 2019 Winners
Iain Gordon
John Dobson

Carpenter Cup 2020 Winners
Audrey Bainbridge
Brian Myers

Walker Bowl 2021 Winners
John Portwood
Wojtek Zakrzewski

Master Points Trophy 2020 Winner
Brian Myers
Audrey Bainbridge

Anniversary Trophy 2022 Winners
Frank Bouweraerts
Irina Hendrickx



AGM 2017 Scorer's Report

Bishop Auckland Bridge Club

Annual General Meeting  -   2nd  March 2017


1  -  General

Scoring continued throughout the year without problem and I extend grateful thanks to John Little for his valued support as Relief Scorer.  Whilst the majority of players access the weekly results via the club website, members are reminded that the scoring file is always available on club night for their reference.  History indicates that only a few members are occasionally interested in it and at times a lack of space means that it is difficult to identify a suitable place for it to reside..

During the year we continued to attach hand records to the website scoring whenever we used pre-dealt boards so that members could review their play and compare results.

2  -  Club Records

The Record of Former Winners of Club Trophies is recorded on the website.

3  -  Season’s Statistics 2014                       
                                                                          2016  2015  2014 2013  2012 2011 

            Members attending the Club                        48       52      52    48       48      57      
            Members receiving Master Point Awards       44       44      49     48       48      51       

            35  of  48  Members achieved a Club Night top score exceeding 60.00 %
            38   Members won at least 1 Club Night Session  

Whilst a number of pairs achieved a Club Night score in excess of 65.00 %, only two pairs recorded a score over 70% :-           
           75.30%            Brian Myers & Audrey Bainbridge                (28th January)
           70.24%            Audrey Bainbridge & John Dobson               (12th November)

4  -  Trophy Winners 2016

            Latner Trophy               -          Malcolm Dawson & Michael Crowe
            Walker Bowl                 -           Audrey Bainbridge & Brian Myersm
            Master Points Trophy     -          John Dobson
            Carpenter Bowl             -           Brian Myers & Audrey Bainbridge
            Anniversary Trophy       -           John Dobson & Iain Gordon

5  -  Club Website 2016

The use of the Club Website continued in healthy fashion with a total of 23,700 pages accessed by members throughout the year.

John Dobson
Club Scorer
2nd March 2017